My Companion, Immanuel.

I am basking in a comforting thought today and it has served me a tray filed with excitement garnished with confidence.

After reading the daily bread devotions, focusing on Isaiah 7:14, the comforting thought of living daily with a trusted companion overflowed my heart and I felt an overwhelming desire to share my thoughts.

Isaiah 7:14 says “The Lord himself will give you a sign; the virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.” In the devotional, readers are reminded of the meaning of “Immanuel”, which is “God with us!” What comfort to know that there is always someone there.

As I pondered on the thought “God with us”, I considered my to-do list which consisted of some tasks I am happy to achieve and others I wish to evade. There are uncertainties and doubts, fears and hesitancies; questions to be answered as I go along. I am embarking on various projects a bit obsessed with the need to remain inline with God’s will. I can easily become anxious, and worry can consume me. However, today, I am reminded of Immanuel, God with us.

The story of God clothing himself in human flesh as Jesus, the Son of God, is such an amazing story of hope and possibilities. Jesus was obedient to his Father, lived among men and became our ultimate sacrifice and because of His amazing courage, we who believe can enjoy “extreme” companionship. Companionship that is for everyday and everywhere. I mean it is clearly extreme, His capabilities has no limits; after all He is All-knowing, All-seeing, Almighty!

God with man, is the success we experience while on Earth that has everlasting implications. It is the investment made into someone’s life today that opens a door to salvation tomorrow. It is about forgiving when it hurts and seeing amazing transformations that proves that God is still at work in our daily lives. It is about marriage restoration, true repentance and love in action. It is about making a difference, creating a lasting presence that others would have no choice but see Jesus.

With Immanuel, we can face anything boldly. He loves to keep us company. His presence says, “It’s all right, you are never alone.”

May this Christmas Season connect us to the Companion worth knowing and loving, the best life coach ever. The one who is still with us in the person of the Holy Spirit, seeking to guide us daily. His desire is to unfold his plan for our lives as we submit to His minute by minute coaching. It is a companionship like no other. He is no longer with us as a babe but as our resurrected King. This Christmas He desires intimacy with every individual alive on planet Earth.

Seasons Greetings to all!

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