It starts with today

Sitting on my couch, I looked at the clock and it said 11:17 a.m. and I had to acknowledge that today was a day that I lacked the drive and excitement to attack my to-do list. Oh yes! I had it all planned out but “I ain’t feeling it.” Today, I am feeling down, dry, discouraged and cornered. It feels like my will is dampened and I lack the energy to even encourage myself.

And yet, I find myself in front of my laptop effortlessly running my fingers over the keypad and I realise that somehow I possess the will and the energy to write. The truth is, like others, writing does me well and is very therapeutic. Writing allows me to breathe, to exhale, to rid myself of the lazy spirit that often lurks nearby.

Today, I am struggling to achieve, to do, to move ahead. Yet by writing this, I feel as if I am conquering the unknown. Writing is my saving grace. Writing is my opportunity to push away the curtain and let in the sunlight. Writing is my “go” button, the spark that rekindles the many passions within.

I acknowledge that today while I feel like doing nothing, I cannot give in because all I have is today. Today is my small dream that connects me to winning and to achieving my goals and my purpose. Today is the step that needs to be taken, the building block that needs to be snugly placed into the empty space necessary to finish the wall. Today is the day that would make a difference tomorrow and it is critical that I embrace it positively and not waste it to my regret.

So while I can simply recline and call it a day and feel terrible after, I would instead continue motivating myself to act, to execute, to win over the negative thoughts hovering over my head. It is definitely not part of my DNA to give in and it is certainly not in line with my destiny.

Today, encourage yourself by remembering that today is all you have to make a difference tomorrow and keep pushing through it for the minutes and hours are passing too fast. Remember! Today is a gift from God. Time is not yours!

I have truly exhaled. I just motivated myself! Today is going to be a good day!

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