My Weekends are back!

I grew numb and insensitive to how beautiful life could be and the many facets it has to enjoy. Consumed by the the thought that if I put in the work this week-end, next week-end I will be better off. I believed the investment today would provide for a better life tomorrow. However, the reality of the “better-off” weekends began slowly drifting away from the horizon. Something needed to happen and quick. I needed to see land, I needed to be placed on fertile ground.

But God! Because of the intervention of God in my affairs, Today, I stand grateful! My Weekends are back!

As my bruised body mends, I begin to restructure and to reconnect with my body, mind and soul.

Having my weekends back means:

  • Sleeping in when it is necessary – Getting sufficient rest.
  • Feeling energetic on Saturdays and Sundays – The norm was to feel burnt out and depressed.
  • Being more conscious and aware of what is happening around me
  • Being available for my family and others.
  • Being able to pace my week-day activities to allow me to use weekends for mainly relaxation, house chores, hobbies, spiritual nourishment and quality family time.

In pursuing God and His purpose for our lives it is important for us to recognise that His ways are higher than man’s ways. We must therefore think differently; not the way society thinks. Our perspective must be within the context of faith, sonship and an all powerful God.

Many believe that being in demand by their employer every day of the week and at nights is something special and makes one important. What do you believe? We have sought to adjust to the crazy rat cycle of this life calling it “modern living” when all we are doing is working aimlessly on burn out, not having the energy or the time to invest in the relationships and activities that would bring us true fulfillment. We therefore sacrifice one for the other.

We settle for less engaging ourselves with jobs that do not allow us to manifest the gifts in us and rise to our fullest potential. We allow our employers to strip us of all our dignity and to drain us dry. We sadly settle for less, stomaching the pain and abuse while dishing out excuses upon excuses to our loved ones for our absence.

I don’t know what you need to take back but I encourage you to be daring enough to take that step.

God has blessed me with 24 hours each day and endless wisdom on its use. You are no different! It is all up to you to decide the kind of life we wish to pursue. We often loose the power to decide when that power is given to Man instead of God.

I pray that you would wake up before it is too late. Too late for your body to be restored, to late for your family relationships to be strengthened, to late to slow down and smell the roses of this life, to late to experience the life God desires to give you and too late to impact the lives of others.

Take control of your work-related decisions. Choose an employer who is truly concerned about you. Be careful not to place your Employer above God. Take your life back. Don’t settle for less, no matter how enticing the award. Your life cannot be replaced.

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