“We worship and adore you. Bowing down before you. Songs of praises singing, hallelujah’s ringing. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Amen!”

Memories of worship sessions at church singing this song illuminated my morning as I laid on my bed around 6:00 a.m. with my bible open wondering what I should read. While trying to figure that out the memory of this beautiful worship song flood my mind and I was grateful for healthy memories.

Immediately, I took that thought deeper linking it to purpose and I wondered, do we treasure healthy memories enough to invest in them daily? If life is about service to others, do we have memories of times when we were of service to others and are we seeking to create new memories helping others and making a difference in their lives?

Maybe your bad memories are overpowering the good ones. If you are in such a position it is a great time to embrace it as a motivation to be proactive about building good ones. It starts with you. There are a million ideas already tried and another million waiting to be explored.

Be grateful for the sweet memories you have with you and never take new opportunities for creating even better memories for granted.

It’s the Christmas Season and usually around this time family, friends and even those who may see themselves as your enemies, are generally more accommodating of your kindness. Take advantage of this Season and build great memories.

Here are some ideas I love for creating healthy memories:

  • Find out from your household what they would like the Christmas Menu to be like and get everyone involved in its preparation (breakfast, lunch, desert and dinner).
  • Re-arrange your bed room, put on new sheets, put up new curtains and invite all your kids in. Choose a fun activity to enjoy together. The idea here is to make your bedroom feel new and fresh; make sure it smells nice too.
  • Provide support to a family or friend or maybe just an acquaintance by helping them with a project that means the world to them. E.g. Cooking for homeless individuals, hosting a Christmas Party for less fortunate kids, reading the bible for the elderly men and women who may be shut-in or confined to their beds or homes.
  • Plan a picnic; choose the location carefully. I believe the highlight of a memorable picnic is the location.
  • .Take family pictures with family members dressing alike.
  • Plan an end-of-year or new-year reunion of school friends. A virtual event is encouraged.
  • Invite some friends to the beach, cook your favorite dish and play cricket or some other sport that is popular in your country.
  • For spouses: Work-out together or go jogging/walking/swimming/hiking. Have fun getting physical together but ensure it is sufficiently challenging by setting a goal. This would require you to support and encourage each other to persevere and achieve something together.

Well friends, I’ve given you enough to consider! Go build those healthy memories! I am planning to do so myself this weekend, and the next, and more so for “2022”.

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