The “I-Am” Poster Series – I am the Bread

During the latter part of 2021 I remembered one of my Mentors suggesting to me to look up verses in the Bible on “I Am”. I noted the suggestion but did not pursue it right away, not until late December. I started by simply inserting in the google search bar “verses on I Am” and found seven “I Am” statements and their scripture references. Immediately, as I read the statements, I felt enlightened and excited just rediscovering the character of Jesus.

The thought then came to me, why not create a series of inspirational posters on that theme. I immediately wanted to share my experience with others. Well, the rest is history. I did just that, in fact I developed the inspirational posters so that they can mainly be used as wallpapers on mobile phones sharing them first with new subscribers to my Blog. The posters can be used otherwise, however.

My first “I Am” statement was “I am the Bread”, coming from John 6:35 which says:-

“And Jesus said unto them, I am the Bread of Life, he that cometh to me shall never hunger and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.”

Then came Poster No. 1. See below:

In designing this first poster, I decided not to include any real symbolism such as bread or food or a dining table etc. I went for a rustic brick wall, dark colours and a bold red. What I sought to achieve was a poster that led you to zone in on the message within an ancient perspective. I thought that it would take away from the message if I try to be too literal. The message “I am the Bread” grows more powerful as you meditate on the entire verse (John 6:35) and more so on the entire chapter (John 6). I think the design helps to highlight the message in a manner that stirs you to dig deeper. Questions like, “Why did Jesus use Bread to describe himself? or “What was the role of Bread in the bible times.?” Let this verse motivate you to dig deeper.

Feel free to give your feedback on how the poster impacted you when you first saw it.

As January continues to roll out, I would continue to inspire you through these “I-Am” statements and the truths in their supporting verses and chapters.

Today, I leave you with this thought. Chapter 6 of John tells the parable of Jesus feeding 5000 people. Consider this, Jesus knew that the majority of the crowd was following him because of the miracles He performed. He was well aware that they were seeking the physical bread not realising that it was more beneficial to seek Him, the spiritual bread.

As I pondered on the word “Bread”, I was amazed anew of how God is able to sustain us to the point that we need not to seek fulfillment in any of the things He may choose to bless us with. Even the benefits of following Christ must not be placed above our adoration for and to Him.

To be continued….

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Happy New Year!

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