The “I Am” Poster Series – I am the Bread – Part II

“Figurative and literary language exists in many places in the Bible. From the poetry in the Psalms to the parables of Jesus, imagery and metaphor are a part of how God speaks to the world in His Word. It communicates heavenly concepts that are difficult to put into words, or is a way for the Holy Spirit to speak to the soul, and provides concrete images to help individuals grasp abstract, metaphysical, ideas.”

I found this neat article on, written by Bethany Verrett, and decided to quote a portion of it. I felt it was so nicely written as I continued to ponder on John Chapter 6 and the truth behind the powerful statement declared by Jesus, “I am the Bread.”

I love the way Jesus use the literal things around us to communicate truth. Don’t we all know what bread is? At some point in our lives and maybe currently, bread was essential to our diet. We believe it has been the same way in bible times. Today, many of us still cannot see ourselves existing without bread.

Physical bread is needed to satisfy our physical hunger daily. In the scriptures “bread” was used to mean food in general, or specifically, bread or cake made from flour. Spiritually, we cannot attain fulfillment through literal food. Spiritual fulfillment comes only by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the “Bread of Life”. To believe on Jesus we must believe what he says, right? He said quite a lot and He is still speaking, requiring everyone to a higher standard of life. Read his Word and you can discover His teachings.

I have personally struggled with the temptation to get busy the moment I awake, without first acknowledging God’s protection during the night, without first searching the scriptures and spending quality time with Him so my thoughts and actions can be divinely directed. There were too many times when I started my day on a roller coaster because I was too concerned about the amount of work I had outstanding, or what my superiors may think of my inability to deliver or complete the many tasks on my list.

On the other hand there were many times when I got it right. Therefore, I can compare; I know what it is like to decide to spend my first few minutes seeking God and committing my activities into His hands in total dependence of His infinite wisdom and His flawless leadership. I know what it is like to subject those mountains and anxious bouts to his authority. My days are different when I focus on God first. There is clarity of mind, a smooth flow of events and I am usually in a position to create a better impact within my environment and among those whom I encounter on a daily basis.

You see Jesus “the Bread of Life” fills you up spiritually allowing you to experience wholeness in every aspect of your life and when you are whole you act appropriately and your decisions are sound. As a result, real success is experienced.

So this year, I am determined, no matter how busy I get, no matter how excited I am to begin my day, I must first eat of the “Bread of Life”, I must eat of it as if I am desperate, addicted and dependent. The truth is I love the benefit that comes with being in such a state. It is a state of dependency but not helplessness, It is a state of hope, promise, growing and learning. I am determined to stay dependent on Jesus by spending time with Him first before anything else. I need Him at the point of taking my first breath in the mornings as I wake. I need him more than I need the wealth this world has to offer. I need His influence on my life and on every move I make.

Jesus said “I am the Bread of Life.” I guess, I wouldn’t stop speaking about this statement anytime soon.

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