In November 2021, I launched out in faith and started my own consultancy business. I felt a mix of emotions; I was scared and excited at the same time. As I got more and more involved in the early activities of setting up my business, I found myself pausing frequently to reflect and all I could see was Faith in action. I felt at peace, blessed, and was grateful for the opportunity to live life differently. There was no golden spoon given to me, no instruction package and no head-start advantage to enjoy. All I had was faith, family members, friends and associates who believed in me 100%. They said words like “You would do well”, “You can do it!”

There are many essential contributors to our success which includes education, experience and money, but Faith is the champion of them all. It is the energy that leads me to take each step in building my business. Faith is the catalyst that motivates me to get out of bed when I have the privilege of sleeping in a little longer. It is the spark that allows me to maintain my joy whenever I feel delayed by someone or something. It is the trampoline that launches me up and over my hurdles. Faith keeps me doing the work when there are no signs of fruit, it keeps my eyes on the target no matter how distant it may be.

How is your faith? Where is your faith? How anchored is your faith?

For me, my faith is rooted in God. I have found Him to be always available, always knowing and always powerful. His availability gives me access; I can speak to Him at anytime. He coaches me through His teachings and through his teachers. His infinite knowledge grants me the advantage of choosing wisely and making sound decisions. You see he would give me hints here and there of the dangers that lie ahead and how to prepare for them. He steers my thinking and influences my thoughts and very importantly grants me endless wisdom. Finally His power enables me to endure the toughest of challenges, to persevere and to ultimately win.

My encouragement to you is that you place your Faith in the someone who is capable of fulfilling His promises all the time. If you are about to step out into unknown paths, be sure to begin a relationship with God and let him be the source of your Faith. When your Faith is in God, you cannot go wrong because He is always right. With Him as your friend, you can guarantee to receive 100% support, 100% of the time.

He helps you to sort out every area of your life. He is fully qualified to coach and to guide you. It is easy to place our faith in our money, powerful friends, our years of experience and sound reputation, but we need to remember that while these things are great, they can change at anytime. On the other hand faith in a God who is unchangeable is a faith that can always stand.

Faith in God is a must if your success is going to be of everlasting value.

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