Your family and purposeful living

Wherever you are in God’s beautiful world, I hope you are doing well. We watch the news daily and we hear good but more so bad news. It is extremely important for us to keep ourselves healthy and focused. This is not time for reckless, senseless living. It is time for purposeful and intentional living.

As 2021 came to an end I was determined to connect more with my family around the energy of purposeful living. My aim was to strengthen our bond by creating family goals and a mechanism designed to encourage each family member to achieve their individual goals which would in-turn strengthen the entire family.

Listen, you can be professional at home too. You can sit with pen and paper or a computer and plan; planning is not just for the workplace. Practice planning as a family unit. The Business of your family is your first business and the activities of this business is very, very important to God. Keep in mind that parents are God’s authority in the home and it is our responsibility to manage what He has entrusted to us to the best of our ability. Create various categories to group your goals & objectives into and be sure to include a “Spiritual” category.

Here are some suggested categories:

  • My Relationship with God
  • Family
  • Health
  • Education
  • My Social Life

Too many times we step out in style to create external businesses and our family’s affairs are in a mess. Well, for 2022 you can get your house in order and you can strengthen the business of your family.

In 2022, why not work towards better family planning. It doesn’t matter how old your children may be, it doesn’t matter if there are only two members in your family. There should be absolutely no excuses.

Here are some ways to strengthen your family business:

  1. Set goals and involve every member by allowing them to participate in goal setting. It is a family business so everyone needs to be involved.
  2. Break down these goals into objectives. Be sure to submit all your plans to God knowing that He may lead differently. Be open to changes that would cause you to alter your plans.
  3. Combine all these goals and objectives into one document get it printed and place a copy in every bedroom.
  4. In your goal setting agree to hold each other accountable and to motivate each other towards accomplishing their goals, even though it means offending them at times. Each member should agree to embrace criticism keeping in mind that it is being done out of unconditional love.
  5. Set a time during which you would meet to assess progress and discuss next steps, obstacles etc. Always end these sessions in prayer, re-submitting your plans to God.
  6. In your assessment sessions be sure to give attention to expressing thanks to God for what you have accomplished thus far. Reward each other as well.
  7. No matter what difficulties come your way, do not give up on each other and on your goals.
  8. Be ready to share your success with other families, so they too can grow and overcome. Don’t be selfish. Many families need to get their affairs in order and you can be the one to encourage them.

Oh just in case you are thinking it is too late for planning as January is already gone, think again, don’t allow excuses. We are just getting started and it is definitely not too late.

Make it fun, don’t make it feel like work 🙂 . By the way this will be great training for your kids.

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