Creativity can be used to inspire.

I have discovered that the more I design and create, the more skillful I become. This design was created for me. I needed to be reminded to “Persevere”. As 2022 unfolded, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that it was going to be a year of daring steps, new territories and the need for me to make the necessary mental shift to sustain the next level.

I new it was a sink or swim situation and sinking was not at option. I tightened my shoe-laces and as we say locally, “band meh belly” and headed out in faith to do what I deemed to be amazing. Opportunities presented itself and I couldn’t afford to make the mistake and procrastinate or doubt a little.

After the poster was created, the thought came to me that I can probably use if as a wallpaper. So said, so done. It is now the wallpaper on my mobile phone and a great reminder for me to persevere.

You may be reading this and it resonates with you. Maybe you love to draw, paint, design clothing, create hairstyles, write poetry, create videos or something else. Why not use it to uplift another. Consider using it for the benefit of others and not just yourself.

When this wallpaper was designed I decided to share it with those who supported this Blog as a thank you gesture that I knew could be instrumental in motivating and uplifting them through-out the year, 2022. Use your creativity today to brighten someone’s perspective on life, to ignite hope or stir their heart towards happiness.

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