It’s Mental Health Awareness Month

Today, it’s Saturday and I do not feel like lifting anything heavier than a cobweb. I have had a bit of a rough week and all I feel like doing is listening to uplifting songs and messages and scrolling through funny inspiring reels.

I gave in a little and then I decided to have a talk with myself. It resulted in me getting up from bed and creating this poster about mental health (see below). That’s it! I am motivated now.

It is important to remember that our mental health is our responsibility. Stop blaming somebody and take control of your life. As mental health awareness month wraps up, know that for you and I our pursuit of mental health never ends. Life can be rough and tough, it can be filled with uncertainties, painful losses, deep hurts and disappointments.

But, we can flip the page and see that life is also beautiful. It’s up to you to keep flipping the pages or to just keep staring at the page you are at. Instead you can choose to experience life’s beauty.

Stop the pity parties and stand up and be counted, go live your purpose!

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