Politics and Purpose

On June 23rd, 2022, Grenadians across the tri-island state of Grenada made their way to various polling stations to participate in the nation’s general elections. The majority of voters came out early, including a number of first time voters. Many reported of being in long lines and having to wait for up to two or three hours to cast their vote.

Citizens standing in line expressed the moment as tiring and exciting and the great turnout as evidence of the people’s desire for change. There were others who were more cautious, reminding us to wait for the results. When the results were eventually revealed it showed that the sentiments of many were right. The National Development Congress (NDC) defeated the New National Party (NNP) at the polls winning nine of Grenada’s fifteen seats; a solid victory indeed.

It is important to note that the NNP was in power from 1995 to 2008, and then again from 2013 to 2022. NNP was a formidable force over the years, the longest serving political party in the history of Grenada’s politics. Former Prime Minister, Dr. The Rt. Honourable Keith Mitchell, was loved and supported by many, a man who has been often described as a lover of cricket, charismatic, a statistician and a smart politician. I am sure it would be difficult for some NNP fans to move on but Grenadians are resilient and I believe we can gracefully put the past behind us.

With a fresh compliment of leaders, who are young and vibrant, NDC has been given the opportunity, once again, to lead and many of us are filled with hope and the anticipation of good governance that emanates transparency and accountability, efforts to unify Grenada (decreasing the focus on party loyalty and symbolism), freedom of expression and service, and the strengthening of sincere, whole-hearted Grenadian patriotism.

Many, like me, have voted for both NNP and NDC in the history of Grenada’s elections, and have no interest in pledging blind allegiance to any man-made system. Many like me are disgusted by the division seen among our people, the bitter exchange of words, the animosity and the desire to defend and justify wrong doing by our leaders. What we plead for, is for our people to be first, for our nation to be first. We plead for servant leadership with integrity, leaders who would deliver on their promises and who would be diligent and productive from day one and through-out the five years.

I feel overjoyed to experience this victory, because, like many of my colleagues, we desire to experience a different kind of leadership. There is a renewed vibe, a renewed hope and for some reason I feel more comfortable expressing my views and are encouraged to become more actively involved in nation building.

I also feel motivated and energized to pray for my Government. The need for prayer is now more than ever. I feel motivated and energized to share my knowledge, experience and talents, so that others can be developed and motivated to do the same. I am particularly looking forward to the higher-level debates in Parliament, I am anticipating the establishment of new legislations and policies that would protect Grenada and Grenadians, I am anticipating the coming forward of Grenadians who have silently and sadly sunk into the background, fearing being labeled and misunderstood, when all they wish to do is offer constructive criticism.

I hate what division has done to us, I hate the fact that a great portion of our population lack the ability to reason and discuss the business of Grenada objectively, no matter who they support. I hate the fact that so many of us are poor and lack education. I hate the fact that we have become fearful of loosing Grenada. It hurts. But somehow, I see a rainbow, a silver lining and while I know man is not perfect and is subject to fail, I am positive that good will be achieved.

I honestly wish my new Government success because Grenada needs it. NDC cannot afford to fail; we need to move forward. The role of the opposition is significant to our success and I do believe that once they are able to understand their role and execute it effectively, we would see progress. Our former PM, Dr. Keith Mitchell, has vowed to provide the new government with a productive opposition and insisted it would be “nothing personal”. A healthy opposition is critical as we more FORWARD. The future can be bright, it’s all up to us.

So meanwhile, as I wish my homeland well, I am paying attention to see what my role in this new season will be. I would continue to pray that the NDC would allow God’s wisdom to permeate their minds, their discussions and their decisions.

I urge you to ask the question, “Lord what would you have me to do in this new season? How can I contribute or continue to contribute to nation-building?” The time for campaigning is over. The time for teamwork has come! Be encouraged by the words of our Prime Minister, Dickon Mitchell;

“I am therefore using this opportunity to call on all Grenadians who have, prior to this, shied away from public service, who shied away from serving on boards of statutory bodies of Government entities. The doors are open, you are welcome. If you believe in serving your country, if you are a hard worker, and if you have the skills and talent, we the people of Grenada need you.”

Let’s move forward together! Grenada belongs to each and everyone of us.

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