God’s way not my intellect.

No matter how educated I become, I need to remain grounded in God’s word less I begin to reason like a fool feeding my pride and ego and basking in the applause of imperfect men.

Meditation on God’s word would certainly keep me sober and in check amidst a maze of personal opinions and philosophies that are not founded on the principles of God; the God of Creation, the God of truth.

I love how he downloads wisdom when I need it most. When I speak or when I write I can be confident that he is pleased. Doing it my way is just too risky!

If my utterances can be blessed by a God who is 100% holy, then I am fit to execute my purpose. I am fit to dwell among the rich, the poor, the educated and the gifted. He ordains me and equips me. He empowers and protects me. He would always guide my footsteps.

I can walk through the dark valleys of death and live because Christ lives in me.

I can be salt because his presence adds flavour.

I can be light in the midst of stubborn dark moments.

I can be hope for the hopeless.

It all begins with my willingness to submit to the principles of God’s word!

Oh, this picture inspires me to keep playing. Hopefully, I can purchase a new guitar soon :).

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