Intimacy with God is the Best!

Intimacy with God is intimacy at another level. Earthly intimacy would never measure up. When I am lost in communication with God, I come out healed, restored, encouraged and empowered. I am lifted, revived, and there is a strengthening of my faith. Intimacy with God reminds me that I am loved beyond measure and there is nothing I can do to change that. I am free to express how I feel and I am never misunderstood.

As a married woman, I have experienced intimacy with my husband and while it is special and beautiful, it is not perfect. Knowing God has allowed me to experience an intimacy that is not easy to describe or explain. It is an intimacy that fills every need, an intimacy that ignites my faith and gives me unending joy and peace.

I am always thinking about not grieving the Holy Spirit, because it affects my relationship with God, it disturbs our fellowship and it is difficult living feeling as if you are far away from God. With the distance comes fear and doubt and reminders of the unpleasant things of the past. With the distance comes tension and mistrust in my earthly relations. With the distance comes unhealthy thoughts and actions. I am desperately in need of God’s presence, His intimacy and His fellowship to keep on the straight and narrow.

Therefore, everyday I am seeking to make the right choices and I have found that the right choices are easier to make when I am on the straight and narrow. Note carefully that the straight and narrow is not what many of us perceive it to be. It is not limiting but limitless, it does not rob you of life but offers life abundantly. It does not hinder you from fully utilizing your gifts but opens amazing doors and opportunities for you to do so.

And there is a bonus, when my relationship with God is healthy, my relationship with my husband is healthy as well as my relationship with my family and friends. There is no other way to say it but to say that, “I am a Winner! Are you?

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