So the conditions are right now, no excuses!

It is now six months and four weeks since I started my HR Consulting Business, “J’s”. It was a step of faith that offered me more of the life I wanted. One of the lifestyle changes I looked forward to then, was to exercise consistently. Today, while I am exercising more often, it is still a struggle. Pushing yourself can be hard! There is no doubt whatsoever.

As I exercised today, I felt pain but I kept pushing. My sit-ups in particular, hurt the most but I got it done by focusing on the goal (the number of sit-ups I wanted to accomplish) and not the pain I was feeling. I also observe that many times I don’t feel like exercising but again whenever I remind myself of the benefits I am motivated to get up and get. I often shift my mind to how great I usually feel just a few minutes into being active. I reminded myself that now I have the time and space to exercise as I wish and I should never take it for granted.

We must daily encourage ourselves by focusing on our goals, the outcome, the benefits, the results. And as long as the good good Father gives us life, we should seek to be excellent stewards of out time. It’s not always easy but there is always a way to get through the lazy feelings, the mental blocks and the discouraging moments. There is always a way!

The same thing applies to our family time, our prayer and bible reading time and other productive habits we should be cultivating.

We often make promises to ourselves to do better when the conditions are “right” and then when our circumstances truly changes, in our favour, and the conditions are eventually “right”, we forget where we should be heading and allow new distractions to rob us from achieving the goals, we were once excited about.

Be focused! Be purpose-minded! Keep steady!

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