A Beautiful Afternoon with Anthony – one of the top achievers of the “2022” CPEA – Grenada

About a month ago, I felt inspired to expand the scope of my Blog. There was an increasing desire to connect more with the stories of others; their challenges and their victories, their ability to persevere towards unique and noble goals, their willingness to uplift and positively influence others, by sharing heart-moving relatable life experiences.

It was time to capture the stories of wave-makers, and those who were willing to make a difference, whether their actions impacted a few or many. I grew excited thinking about the impact these stories could have on those who would choose to read them.

I wondered where to start and remembered that the CPEA results for Grenada was recently released. I was curious about the top performers and immediately dived into research mode. The information was super easy to access and I soon learnt that the top performers were Anthony Medford from Alpha Junior School, and Calvin Clyne from the Grenville Methodist School; they both scored a total of 483 points.

For my readers who do not reside in Grenada or the Caribbean, CPEA is the acronym for Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment. It is an assessment of the literacies required by all pupils exiting the primary school system. This assessment consists of projects which are completed by students, during their final year at the primary level, and a final exam which takes place in May every year.

On Wednesday, 20th July, I got the opportunity to chat with one of the top performers, Anthony Medford .

Anthony and I – Location – Tricentennial Park, St. George’s, Grenada

Anthony is 12 years old, the only child of his parents, Zennie and Richard Medford. We arranged to meet at the Tricentennial Park in St. George’s, Grenada. I was really happy to see that he was accompanied by both parents.

Meeting the family was a breath of fresh air. We took some needed pictures and then we got into the real business of the meet up, which was to interview Anthony.

My interview with Anthony follows. I do hope that this simple interview would remind someone that our world is filled with people who still focus on practicing good habits and are consistently working towards significant goals.

Efforts were made to reflect Anthony’s exact responses, as much as possible.

Janel: Congratulations on achieving the highest score for Grenada in the CPEA results. How did you find out that you achieved the top score in Grenada?

Anthony: I found out I achieved the top score in Grenada after school. Our teachers had gotten results and after they said what schools we were each going to, then they said in the top four positions, three people from Alpha were in it, and for the top position they called my name.

Janel: How did you feel when you got the good news?

Anthony: I was shocked, excited and happy.

Janel: What were the good habits you practiced that helped you to achieve such success?

Anthony: The good habits I practiced were studying on Sunday mornings before, I go to church, doing past papers and the “Let’s Pass CPEA” books.

Janel: Did you have difficult times at school when you needed to remain positive and strong? What did you do to overcome those difficult times?

Anthony: Yes I did have difficult times. I just had to do it. In grade six when we had to do the project for CPEA, at first it seemed like not much but it became a lot and we had to submit it within a few weeks after we got the information.

Janel: What did you do to meet the deadline?

Anthony: We formed a group and we came together on Saturdays and talked about who is doing what for the project and the next week we would see what each person did.

Janel: Interesting! This is what grown-ups do at work you know!

Janel : Do you have a favourite subject?

Anthony: Yes, my favourite subject is Math.

Janel: Why?

Anthony: I find it simple.

Janel: You find it simple. Isn’t that amazing! At least you can help some people.

Anthony: Yes, once I know the correct way to do it, it’s not too hard for me.

Janel: I like that! What are you looking forward to the most at your new school?

Anthony: I am looking forward to making friends and learning new things.

Janel: What do think you need to do to prepare for your secondary school level?

Anthony: I need to be ready and prepared mentally.

Anthony – Tricentennial Park,
St. George’s, Grenada

Janel: Imagine you were to meet a young boy, maybe two years younger than you are, and he tells you that school has been difficult for him and he does not like attending school because he is often bullied and teased. What do you think you would say to him to encourage him to not give up?

Anthony: I would tell him “try to ignore the person or people bullying you, but if you still feel the same way tell a teacher or a parent if the teacher isn’t doing much”.

Janel: If you were given the opportunity to go back to Alpha Junior and offer advice to the new grade 6 class, as they prepare to sit the 2023 CPEA exams, what do you think you would like to say to them?

Anthony: They should try to go with as much points as possible into the exam and there will be challenges trying to get as much points as possible, but is just to overcome them. And tell them to study and do the “Let’s pass CPEA” books, because sometimes there is information in them that they do not get from the teachers.

Janel: Well Anthony, I am grateful to your parents and to you for allowing me to chat with you. It has been a pleasant experience. So as we wrap up, you know you have had success and achieved a lot and I am sure that there is a group of people in your life that helped you to be successful. Is there anyone or a group of people you would like to thank for supporting you on your journey?

Anthony: God, my parents and my grand parents for supporting me and helping me.

Janel: Great. I hope that by sharing your story it would inspire someone.

As our interview came to an end, I felt grateful to have had such an opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Young Anthony was alert and engaging through-out our chat. The interview was followed by great discussion with Anthony’s parents. It was certainly a pleasure getting to know his family.

Anthony is a representation of hope and great potential, and I look forward to hearing about his journey through secondary school; he will be attending the St. George’s Institute. I pray that God would keep him safe, so that he is able to realise his purpose on this earth.

Best wishes to the entire family!

Anthony and Parents – Tricentennial Park, St. George’s, Grenada

Thank you to the Principal of Alpha Junior and of course, Anthony’s parents, Richard and Zennie, for making this moment a reality.

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  1. This was great of you to capture his thoughts at this age. His future self will like back at this and be inspired when he realizes his growth. Thanks for sharing!

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