Friendship in Family

Lately, I’ve been thinking of ways to be a better friend to my family. Here are some of the practical ways I came up with, some I have already been practicing, others I intend to start or increase. I am excited about sewing these seeds of friendship and watering those already sown. I wish to inspire you to invest in the relationship with your parents, siblings, children, husband or wife. Don’t keep putting of the need to make amends, pull off that surprise or just plan a lovely evening together.

Do what you can to strengthen your family ties.

  • Create a Birthday Calendar and place reminders on your mobile phone so that you would not forget their birthdays; try to do something special for them on their birthday. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, expensive or complexed. Simplicity can speak volumes.
  • Stay in touch by calling every now and then just to say “hi” and to enquire about their well-being.
  • Be quick to say or send congratulatory messages whenever they accomplish something they are proud of.
  • Be quick to give a word of encouragement when they are going through a difficult period.
  • Listen, without interrupting, when they need to vent.
  • Plan events and activities with them in mind.
  • Offer to assist them on a personal project that is important to them.
  • Accept their telephone calls and when it is impossible to do so right away, return the call as soon as you are able to.
  • Understand and appreciate their personality and where they are in their personal growth.
  • Surprise them by doing something really special out of the blues; no occasion needed.
  • Pray for them consistently.

I believe we often take those closest to us for granted and sit back and allow our relationships to deteriorate, growing distant and insensitive to those we should value the most. Remember to start at home. That’s where true love begins.

Have an awesome day!

Featured picture: My daughter and I

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