Praise is the magic potion (Part 1)

Recently, our family was discussing how powerful praise can be when we are feeling sad, discouraged or depressed. We described praise as powerful, a practical solution and a weapon. Some of us use it often, others are still developing the habit of activating our magic potion :).

It is simple to practice; whenever you feel sad, discouraged or depressed, try to discipline yourself to quickly recognise where you are at, and intentionally switch your thoughts to being grateful. Then begin to thank God out loud for all your blessings and for who He is. Do not stop until your sadness, discouragement or depression is lifted. It works! Try it!

I will be encouraging you along the lines of being grateful and consistent in praise, by creating posters on verses that inspire me to praise God more. This first poster reminds us to take control, and command our soul to activate one of the most powerful weapon, when we need it most, the weapon of PRAISE!

Enjoy the journey towards better mental and emotional health. Choose joy!

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