Praise is the magic potion (Part II)

The verse depicted on this poster reminds me to live a life pleasing to God and while seeking to do so keep praising God. In other words I do not need to wait until I am doing enough good to start practicing the beautiful art of praise. There is no graduation that is necessary before I can utter one or two or three or a million words of praise. I can do it now, I can do it every day. It begins with that decision to follow Jesus.

I can also anticipate that as I seek to grow spiritually, the quality and depth of my praise would also grow. My growth is encouraged when I increase my bible knowledge and seek to align my life with the standards of God’s word. You see following Jesus is a daily process. It’s a daily striving to be better but it is also an ongoing discovery of amazing things about God and ourselves.

Keep in mind however, that God does not expect us to continue practicing sin after we have become aware that it is wrong. We cannot be serving two masters. If we choose to follow Jesus then it must be Him only. We must daily guard ourselves from anything that would tarnish our thoughts, our actions and our relationship with God.

Sin, guilt and shame suppresses our praise! Give yourself that freedom to praise God genuinely and consistently, by letting go of the habits and choices that would steal your purity and by guarding your mind, heart and your soul.

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