Counting my blessings and choosing well

Today is my birthday and I have been reflecting on the gift of choice. With the gift of choice comes the awesome responsibility to choose. Every choice has a consequence, Good or bad.

As I reflect on my 51 years, I feel blessed knowing that most of my choices in life have been great, yielding results that I can be grateful for, results that can lead me to say “to God be the Glory!.

I may be slow in making decisions and sometimes it is because of doubt, but other times it’s because I am determined to carefully examine the pros and the cons and ensure I am within the protective fence that God has set up for me.

It is a beautiful thing to be able to look back and feel joy because of some great quality decisions you made in the past.

It may be a good exercise for us to think of the blessings or consequence we are enjoying today, as a result of choosing wisely yesterday. Too many times we focus on the opposite, the times when we made the wrong choice. Today, I choose to think on that which is lovely and just and of a good report.

Because I chose wisely yesterday, today I can be grateful to God for the following:

A meaningful relationship with my family

A sound reputation

Emotional and mental stability

A happy home

The ability to be engaged doing something that is fulfilling; writing, designing and contributing to the development of businesses and people.

The convenience of owning a vehicle and having a driver’s license.

Genuine friendships

A large network of individuals from various segments of my life’s journey.

Wonderful memories of ministering to young people.

This list could go on and on, in fact I will choose to keep adding to the list for the rest of my birth month.

As I move forward into my 52nd year, I am reminding myself to keep focused on the principles of God’s word and not to allow my emotions, selfish desires or misdirected passions, to guide me. I must daily die to myself, as tough as it is, I must. It’s another choice I must make to ensure my actions, my decisions and my destination, are fully endorsed by God.

I inspire you today to choose wisely!

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