Beautiful you!

One of the blessings I received growing up was a mother who frequently reminded me that I was beautiful. It was a constant refrain, planted in my mind. I heard it almost every day and sometimes more than once.

Maybe this is not your story! If it is not, that’s okay. God has created you beautiful and He has been reminding you since the day you were born. Maybe you have been born with a rare disease or a deformity. Maybe you never knew your parents; lost everything at a young age. Maybe you are comparing yourself with others your age and you feel that you don’t measure up. Maybe you are part of a minority group and you feel unfairly treated.

Whatever your situation, whatever your circumstances, it does not remove that fact that you were created by an almighty, all powerful God, who has loved you from the beginning. Whether you choose to believe it or not, He exists.

Look in the mirror and instead of seeing your flaws, your failures, your competition and your obstacles, see that God has been there all along trying to get your attention. See that God’s hands carved you and permitted you to be alive at this moment. See that God is seeing you as beautiful, wonderful, full of potential, capable, gifted and worthy of His investment. He invested his only begotten son into your life so that you can truly be beautiful. He invested unconditional love and friendship so that you can experience a life of purpose on earth and contribute something valuable to mankind. God accepts your imperfections because He knows that Hs perfections are sufficient for you to live and to thrive.

We were created to thrive with Him. His original intention was to simply dwell with us, commune with us and enjoy our fellowship. His original desire was to have our full attention! None of the things we desire to feel beautiful are necessary for true and lasting beauty. True beauty begins when we first understand that God’s perception of us should be the crown on our heads, the headline on our posters, the theme of our lives. It should be the foundation we build upon. Once we get that, we become unmovable and unshakable, representers of hope and light. With God as our foundation we are outfitted to bloom wherever we are.

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