All my life you have been faithful

Reflecting on God’s goodness wakes me up from my gloomy moments, from my sleep and slumber. As I reflected on God’s never-ending faithfulness today, I felt His presence around me, lifting me up and renewing my mind in tuned with my purpose.

One of the most difficult things in life is transitioning, waiting and seeking God for the next step, the next door, the answered prayer or the victory. And yet, I cannot for one minute say that He has left me alone and without guidance. God has always been there. In my successes and in my failures, and also in my transitions.

Walking with God is not a walk in the park, but if often feels that way when I am walking in His presence and I can feel a slight touch of His glory. It is in these moments that I remember the reality of His presence and His availability. He is literally always near.

He is the constant friend who is constantly looking out for me, seeking to protect me from that which can easily distract me. He desires the ultimate best for me. And so I celebrate my friend and my God today, not because of what He has given me, or done for me, but just because of who He is. He is Faithful!

“Your goodness is running after, is running after me…….”

May you too, find Him faithful!

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