Keep the word alive in your family

We are living in busy times, times when families are going through the motions together, the routines, the schedules and the events, but not the Word. Nothing is better than spending time together discussing the Word of God.

Don’t let your dreams and activities rob your family from what is important. Be creative in studying the Bible. We must not ever allow our children to grow up lost and with the impression that living life without intentionally seeking God as a family is okay and it is the norm. It should never be the norm for anyone God has created and as far as I know, He created all men.

My family is currently using the book “30 Life Principles” by Charles Stanley, in our weekly devotions. If you know Charles Stanley, you know he gets deep and practical when sharing the Word of God. Check him out on the internet.

Choose a schedule for devotion or bible study that works well for your family. For us, weekly is ideal at the moment. Every family needs to find a schedule that makes sense for them; one that can be realistically maintained.

“30 Life Principles” is a beautiful text for group study for various groups, whether it is a youth group, ladies or men’s group. It is also fitting for couples and individual study and as I mentioned before, for families.

Having a text presents you with an already designed, prayed upon, God-centered structure that sets the foundation for sound biblical discussions. This is so because the text is based on verses in the Word of God. What do your family do to keep connected together in God’s Word?

Today, I would share the first principle with you and I do hope it inspires you to fall in love with the Word of God as a family.

Principle one – Your Intimacy with God – His Priority for Your Life determines the Impact of Your Life.

From the time of creation, Almighty God desired to fellowship with us. Think about it, He made us in His own image. Because of this we can be intimate with God, we can connect with Him and enjoy a fruitful relationship with Him. From the very beginning, God desired our worship, our communion and our companionship.

Isn’t it amazing to think that God created everything before he created man? Everything was and is provided for us. He then entrusted us with the responsibility of taking care of His creation; a world filled with resources. I believe it is easy to see that from the very beginning God wanted us to be successful in life. But, important to note is that He sees your number one success as having a healthy relationship with Him.

Understanding this truth gives us the freedom and clarity to live meaningfully. There is no reason to go searching outside of God’s ideals for us to find meaning in life; it is clearly presented in the beginning.

With a healthy relationship with God, everything else falls into place.

James 1:17 says “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” We need not become anxious about our needs, God provided everything for us from the very beginning and He would not fail us now.

Keep your family grounded around intimacy and relationship with God as you focus on spending time with Him and in His Word.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that spending time together as a family is outdated and no more useful. Today, more than ever, we need divine connection, wisdom and guidance. Evil has not been irradicated, oh no, it is very much alive and well. This means, we who claim to believe in the resurrected Jesus must constantly remind ourselves of the beginning. In the beginning He created us in His image for a divine purpose.

We were created to exist with God, don’t fool yourself thinking you can successfully face life on your own. Cover yourself and your family with the Word of God and with his presence.

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