Learning to pause………

If you are the type of individual who feels like your brain is always working, processing and manufacturing a new idea, solution or theory, you would know exactly where I am coming from in this article. If you have been raised in an environment where you saw grown-ups being productive and achieving the unimaginable and what seems to be impossible, you would understand my story. If you are highly motivated by your own accomplishments and not just what others say or think of you, you would certainly get my drift.

I think when God was creating me in my mother’s womb, he gave me an extra chip in my brain called “overdrive”. I am never out of ideas, there is always a solution popping up on my radar. I could be working on something and in comes the downloads for that other project distracting me from my current focus; serious tug-of-war going on in my brain.

So how do I get through each day? Good question! I am human so the truth is I struggle at times to find clarity in my decision making. But, listen carefully, “BUT”, there are solutions all around me and my heavenly father downloads wisdom amidst all other downloads. In other words He takes care of me so I don’t make a fool of myself. The good thing about this whole situation is that I understand myself very well and I know what works.

Consequently, I have decided to share (as tips) what works or what I have been working on that works for me. These are the actions or habits I am seeking to maintain and build, to give myself the opportunity to pause, refresh, and find and maintain a healthy balance between work, and other valuable aspects of my life.

  1. Resist the need to check my emails/messages as one of the first things I do when I awake.
  2. Resist the need to work on one of my many projects when I should be taking a break.
  3. Resist the temptation to postpone my quiet time with God.
  4. Break up my quiet time with God into bite size meditational moments through-out the day.
  5. Integrate worship music into my early morning routines and whenever it’s possible during the day. Worship music has a permanent and consistent presence in our home.
  6. Be present with my family when I am with them. This means staying connected in the moment not allowing my attention to be stolen by unrelated thoughts or activities.
  7. Place family projects and appointments in my calendar to ensure they are not forgotten; plan family events early to minimise the possibility of clashing with other important events.
  8. Create time for creativity and hobbies……(tough one). I mostly get to write, but there are many other hobbies and interests that I plan to reconnect with. I have come to realise the significant role my hobbies play in keeping me healthy.
  9. Come together as family to pray, discuss God’s word and worship. This may be my favorite and probably one of the most consistent family-related practices I currently enjoy.
  10. Engage in physical exercise at least three times a week.
  11. Consume lots of water and of course healthy eating habits. Let me tell you, water literally solves all my problems. I now talk about doing water therapy whenever my body doesn’t feel right. It simply involves me focusing on high doses of water during that day. It works.
  12. Retreat from others; spending time alone. This is sacred for Janel!
  13. Get outdoors after a while of being alone. While being alone is necessary for survival, so too it is important for me to dress up occasionally and get out. Ever so often I need to exhale.
  14. Very critical for me; Commit all my ideas and plans to God. Wait for his assuring peace before proceeding to execute.

I love where I am today, a canvas on the easel of the greatest artist of all time. He never stops working on me. I am still learning to pause, to be still and to prioritize well. Hope my sharing inspires someone to learn the discipline of pausing.

Have a good one!

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