About the Author

This Blog was born out of a growing passion to inspire others to live a fulfilling life as God intended for us, through life experiences shared through written work and creative projects.

The Owner and Author is Janel Jeremiah. Janel developed a keen interest in writing during high school but only matured within her purpose to write during adulthood. She loves to write on topics that she is most passionate about; they include marriage & family life, youth perspectives, personal growth & development, health and lifestyle changes, designing and creating and planning events.

Her Theme is one of purpose and meaningful living.

Janel lives on the beautiful Island of Grenada in the Caribbean with her husband and two kids. She is a Believer and loves discovering the Character of God and learning how to be more effective in showing love to others.

Everyday she is concerned about investing in activities that are of eternal value.  In doing so she has faced many challenges but have accepted that they are only turbulence to make her stronger.  Janel says,

“I am always thinking of achieving excellence, my eyes are always seeing room for improvement and growth. Because of this I know my purpose is to inspire others to pursue better, pursue God’s purpose for their lives.  Too many times we say we believe in a powerful God but we settle for mediocrity, sub-standard and defeat. I believe life within one’s purpose is the only life that offers ultimate joy and fulfillment.

Besides writing, Janel loves designing, dressmaking, planning events and special family moments.