My “2021” Mother’s Day Memory

It started when I visited my Facebook page a couple weeks before Sunday, May 9th, 2021, the day on which Mothers are celebrated all over the world. I clicked my notification button and noticed that one of my friends “Nashon Jeremiah Arts” had posted an Event called “Paint with Me”. It immediately caught my attention. You see recently I found my interest in painting growing and I wanted to feed this new appetite.

This Event was carded for Mothers. I read the details and thought to myself, what a perfect date for my mother and I. I immediately told her about it and was happy to hear that she was willing to embrace the challenge to “Paint with me”.

On entering the Studio, guests were offered a drink. I instantly noticed the setting of the room and became excited. The black and gold creative writing “Paint With Me” which was posted on what can be described as an accent wall, caught my attention and helped to create a positive first impression. The tables were well prepared for us with mini easels and nicely shaped wooden plaques on which we were expected to paint. Gold decorated bottles lined each table which were well supplied with paint, paint brushes, water and an apron. Background classical music could be heard as we took our seats and anticipated what was prepared for us. It was an intimate evening of poetry and painting within a friendly warm environment.

The featured poem of the evening was entitled “Envisioned” and was presented by Chemal Copeland of the Grenada Writers’ Association. Below are a few lines from that wonderful poem..

“How can I repay you for the aches and pains, nine months and days, nauseous and sore, moody and bored. Stiffness, cravings and so much more. Splitting pain and chance of death to give life in labouring breath; holding the gentle smiling frame. You knew everything would never be the same.”

Several other poems were read, which were all inspiring. My favourite moment however, was the featured painting. I got to paint with my mother and that was really cool. Mom was all into it, may I hasten to mention that my mom was 80; the oldest in attendance..

The Artist Nahshon Jeremiah, guided us to complete wonderful paintings of a mother carrying a child on her back. By following a few easy steps we were able to crate art that we were all proud of; there were twelve (12) participants in total.

Everyone contributed to the wonderful atmosphere. The evening was filled with creativity, humour and and giving. Mom and I were the top winners of the evening. Imagine that! Between both of us we won five prizes. I couldn’t believe it! I thought to myself, it was just our moment and we should embrace it with gratitude.

100% hats off to Nahshon and Princess for being awesome hosts and offering us the opportunity to create timeless memories. I am very happy Mom and I were a part of “Paint with Me”, the experience was meaningful and beautiful!

Today I inspire you to explore ART, you would be amazed how it provokes the creativity, fun side of you. Take the time out to create, to explore and to learn something new.

This piece was my favourite! It was done by Sharmaine Mc Meo. Great Job Sharmaine! Your painting is lovely!

Trusting God through the detour Poster

I believe it was sometime last year (2020) when I was reflecting on how my day did not go as planned. I felt myself becoming anxious then remembered that there was no need to . I created this poster to remind myself that I can trust God through the unexpected turn-offs, corners, ditches and even highways. It can be scary having to change direction suddenly; no warning, no time to contemplate. I have proven that God is reliable in these times.

I love the colours! It makes me feel calm and hopeful! Hope you like this Poster and it inspires you to enjoy your detours.

Always working!

When this poster was created I was in a deep trench of fear, disappointment and discouragement. I was a bit confused about some events in my life and I had to accept that I didn’t understand every detail about my situation. In those defining moments I chose to trust that God was still by my side, working behind the scenes on my behalf. I chose to wait, allowing him to do his thing while I grow.

Naked before a loving God!

I love creating cool inspiring posters. In this poster, I am seeking to depict man’s search for God and in turn God’s love for man. God loves us enough to pursue us and he sees our nakedness; he sees our vulnerability.

Feel free to use this poster to inspire your friends……:)

Face-painting magic

About five years ago, I decided to teach myself face-painting.   I was motivated because I had a young daughter, who would’ve been about six then.  I thought she would be a great model for practicing and it would be an exciting way to spend time together.

I purchased a professional face painting kit from Amazon and started to have fun, experimenting with designs.  I managed to paint three designs on different occasions, a butterfly, a bumble bee and part of spiderman’s face (this was painted on another’s child’s face).  My favorite was the butterfly; I have seen a few butterfly designs, all pretty and captivating to the eye.

It has been a while however, since I practiced, and I have been thinking it is time to have some face-painting fun again.  I thought to myself, I need to get my face painting techniques on.

My motivation received even more steam, when about one month ago I attended Gospel Expressions.   It is a Gospel Concert, with great children attractions,  held every year during the second quarter of the year.   As part of the children’s attractions, face-painting was offered and this year and previous years, Nahshon Jeremiah Arts was the Organisation responsible for making these kids smile.  It was really nice to see there was face painting for kids.

When my daughter’s eyes found the face-painting corner, her face began to glow, and she was immediately interested.   Not too long after, she was sitting having her face painted.   I sat and observed the artist in action and was so impressed and inspired by how smoothly and confidently she worked, creating part of a butterfly on my daughter’s face.  It was beautiful!  I immediately thought “this is pure creativity and should be shared with others”.  I loved it that much.

A few days later, I invited Nahshon Jeremiah Arts to share a tutorial on my blog and they agreed, I am so grateful.

Maybe you love working with children or you are just excited about art, then you would most likely find this tutorial interesting.   Sometimes we wonder “where could I find face painting near me?”, well next time the thought comes to mind, you can probably make it happen right in your living room.

Note the beautiful models in this article. :).


Face Painting with Nahshon Jeremiah Arts!!
Written by: Princess Jaggasar of Nahshon Jeremiah Arts!!

What do I need?

Face Paint
Invest in some quality Face Paint.   Ensure that it is non-toxic and friendly to faces of all ages!

Brushes and Sponges 

Most persons use sponges designed for face-painting, or make-up sponges, as it is less time consuming when covering large areas, but paint brushes are handy, when it is necessary to produce sharp edges and well-defined styles!

Glitz and Glamour 
These are the extras or enhancements that you can use to make the painting ‘POP’! Yah! These little glitz are multi-colored, neon, translucent and textured ‘Glitter’.  On the other hand, glamour is the various types of rhinestones, beads and jewelry used.

To produce this painting, we followed 4 very simple steps:

Step one – Base – Using your sponge, lay down the main colours.

Step two -Outline – Use a high contrasting colour to outline the shape of the item being painted.

Step three – Frills and Designs- Add unique styles (curves, sharper edges than usual etc.) to the design.

Step four- Glitz and Glamour- Glitz it up! The more it sparkles/pops out to the eye, the more attractive it is.

Have fun face-painting!!