Maintaining Work/Life Balance

Depending on the nature of your employment it can be really difficult to maintain a proper work/life balance. Some employers understand the value of achieving such and would lead and manage their organisations to facilitate healthy practices that would help to support the overall well being of their employees. In other instances, such support may not be forthcoming.

Full time jobs with fixed daily hours where the focus is mainly on achieving objectives and hardly any focus on the instruments (you and I) through which these objectives are made possible, can be gruesomely demanding. It may be difficult to achieve balance in such conditions; this is the reality of many.

To dive deeper into this discussion here are some of the red flags that most likely indicates that you seriously lack work/life balance.

  • Your 8 or 9 hour job is really a 12 or 16 hour job. In reality this is the time needed to accomplish your daily tasks and to achieve those annual objectives.
  • It is always difficult for you to proceed on vacation due to your workload.
  • Your body is experiencing layers of stress and fatigue and low energy.
  • You have grown distant from your family and quality time spent together is rare.
  • Your creative juices for engaging with hobbies or a social life is dying or its just impossible to make it happen.
  • You become distracted by your responsibilities at work when attempting to focus on personal and family matters.
  • Invitations from others are difficult to entertain, whether its an invitation to speak, to go hiking or to pray together.
  • You fall asleep when your spouse is sharing with you something interesting about his/her day.
  • Your daily chores or responsibilities at home are being neglected.
  • You are unable to maintain consistency in your schedules for exercising and other self-care activities.

It is only logical to now ask, what are those factors that create such outcomes? Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • Poor time management
  • Your workload requires more than one employee to effectively manage it.
  • There is no limit (you are often expected to work after hours and to be available on weekends and public holidays) to the demands made by your employer and you have been accommodating same.
  • Your Supervisor or Boss is disorganised and as such it is difficult to practicing proper planning and execution of daily tasks and projects in accordance with plans.

I believe most of us want to ensure that the contributions we are making to our employers daily are valuable. In other words we want to make sense at work; our job must be meaningful. The glaring fact is that the existence of the factors listed above makes it difficult for us to achieve such success at work and when that proves to be difficult over and over every aspect of our lives is affected. We then seek to compensate for these gaps by extending ourselves in order to please our employees and to accomplish objectives.

For example: If you are often late at work or you fail to plan effectively, you would encounter difficulty in accomplishing tasks. On the other-hand, you may be able to plan effectively and your productivity levels are consistently high but despite this you continue to regularly have work outstanding.

Many other examples can be mentioned, however it is important for us to identify what the key contributing factors are and seek to address them. If we don’t we can very easily spend years seeking to effectively perform a job and fail to achieve your fullest potential. We should never procrastinate on addressing the hindrances faced in achieving work/life balance. Don’t give up before trying to fix it, don’t give up after trying to fix it. Keep trying. Note however, that sometimes, the solution is to walk away from that employer and seek a different environment in which your career and personal goals can be better aligned with the goals of your employer.

I have experienced the sad dilemma where individuals allow themselves to be trapped in employment that drains their every substance, presents them with occupational sickness, undue stress and personal sacrifices that yields limited returns. They arrive at retirement feeling unappreciated, burnt out and empty. We are guilty of desiring better quality life, talking about it, complaining about not having it and doing absolutely nothing about it.

May this article inspire you to continue pursuing work/life balance; the quality of life you yearn to live daily. Pursuing such a goal could mean a number of different things: Facing your fears, daring to speak up and even giving up certain comforts or privileges. Whatever you do, don’t ever stop working towards that work/life balance. We all need to remain mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually sound.

Relaxation should be part of daily living

Just a quick motivation today on RELAXATION! Remember to create a balance for yourself.

Work is great, it is a healthy, godly practice. Working allows you to grow in various areas. It keeps you engaged and alive. It allows you to meet others and develop relationships. Working teaches you to cope with challenges of all kinds. Yes! Working is good but relaxation is just as good or rather just as important.

I often struggle with finding that balance; even to this day. What I have found however, is bite size ways to relax while on the roller coaster.; while at work or during a work week or period when it seems impossible to dedicate significant time to relaxing activities.

Here are some ideas:

Try to take your full lunch hour break if you are working traditional 8-4 jobs or 9-5. Use this hour to take a walk, listen to relaxing music with your eyes closed or just meet up with friends or work colleagues and chat about anything else but work. Choose the lighter conversations that would help you to relax.

At the end of the day, take off your clothes and just remain in your undergarments. Lie on your bed for fifteen minutes before dressing again and getting busy with home matters.

Sit outdoors in the shade where it is windy and enjoy one of your favourite treats/snacks. I love ice cream. What do you love?

Journal – Yes pull that journal out and just pour your thoughts into the pages.

Dance/exercise – I love putting on up-beat gospel music and exercising or dancing.

Explore a hobby by browsing relevant sites on the internet. For example, I love interior decorating so I get a thrill from just looking at great modern houses with great interior designs. I love to look at vidoes of great Do-it-yourself decorative projects. It is an awesome way for me to relax and all I need is about fifteen minutes.

Call a family member and just chat.

While I know sometimes what our body really needs is a two or three week break from it all, a day at the spa or a long walk on the beach, realistically sometimes it is a bit more challenging to achieve. It would be helpful then, to consider these everyday relaxation tips as we seek to keep our mind, body and soul as healthy as we possibly can.


Years ago, my doctor told me, ‘someone like you need to exercise a lot”. I would never forget his advice.

Here are the reasons: 1) All my adult life I have been engaged in an occupation that required me to sit for hours; 2) I am a deep thinker and can easily become anxious about the cares of this world. 3) I am an introvert and suffer from social anxiety, this means that I love my house and because I am very creative, I can find enough things to do to keep me indoors. Note however, that I do love outdoors, on my terms of course. 4) My body often feels tense from thinking too much and doing too much and not having a proper balance – work/relaxation. I then become irritable and not much fun to be around.

I have discovered that not only does exercising do me good but relaxation. Anything that allows me to escape into a place where I do not have to think too much but just embrace my surroundings.

Hear are some things that works for me all the time;

1. Journaling or writing an article for my blog – I write until I feel as if I have emptied myself of my expressions, deep thoughts and feelings. Sometimes I write a little bit of how my day went and a little bit of what I intend to achieve tomorrow. On my blog I share life experiences I feel comfortable sharing and I also share general life principles that I hold strongly to.

2. Driving out and sight-seeing – Choosing a day when the traffic is not congested and finding great sights and seeking to capture the moment by taking pictures; fresh air and peaceful environments is heaven on earth for me. My preference is to do this with small groups.

3. Soaking my feet in warm water. Ahhh another heavenly episode.

4. Going to the beach and lying on the sand listening to the sound of the waves and the birds and just enjoying the beauty of the trees with their well designed branches. I can enjoy the beach without stepping into the water but if I step in, the water needs to be fairly calm and warm, at least a little. Cold rough waters are not my cup of tea.

5. Meet with a trusted friend and just talk, talk, talk.

6. Curl up on my bed with my bible and soak in the word of God, preferably a little at a time.

I can go on and on but I would stop here. I am grateful for what I can enjoy! I am grateful that God saw it fit to create things we all can enjoy. The older I get the more I desire RELAXATION!

What helps you to relax, release stress and feel rejuvenated? Are you satisfied that you are doing enough?

Saturday Motivation

This morning I woke up somewhere between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. and contemplated going for a walk. My body did not feel like it at all. I felt tired and desperately in need of extra sleep and lots of “doing nothingness”. As I laid on my bed, I looked at the time again and thought, it is just the right time to go walking, it is not too early nor is it too late; the temperature outside is just right. ” I can do this!” I thought. I must mention that I thought about walking last week Saturday and the Saturday before but was successful in talking myself out of it.

Not today! I was determined to make it happen. In about 10 minutes I was dressed and heading out the door. Packed my phone, water and a small umbrella into a little nap sack and placed it over my shoulder. I was off. My route began from “The Coconut” up through Mt. Parnassus connecting to the St. Paul’s main road. For those of you who have never visited my lovely Island, Grenada, that’s about a ten (10) minute walk.

As I approached the junction I felt a bit faint and thought, I could easily turn around, this would give me a good 20 minute sweat (10 minutes each direction). I decided to push myself and head for a longer route, previously envisaged. After drinking a little water, I shook of the temptation and the feeling to give in and turn back. Instead I escalated my steps, determined to conquer a longer route.

My entire route entailed “The Cocunut”, unto Parade and then White Gun, down to Marrast Hill, up to Tempe and Back to Mt. Parnassus. I am so happy I did not turn back but decided to push through. I made it and for me that’s a big deal.

I don’t know what you have been talking yourself out of but we are too often guilty of this defeating habit. It is always easier to turn to the other side of the bed and snuggle your way to sleep again, it is always easier to reach for the chocolate rather than prepare the fruits for blending, it is always easier to scroll through Facebook or Instagram instead of reading a good book, it is always easier to think you can rely on your past experiences all your life than to start your degree program.

We all know that if we wish to achieve better we must reach, we must make the effort, we must be o.k. sweating and be willing to sacrifice our comfort. Whether it’s sleep or having to give up some of your alone time or whatever is necessary to accomplish greatness.

Keep pushing, Keep stretching, don’t allow you to discourage you. Focus on the outcome, the benefits, the results and not on the journey.

God bless you!`

The Health Journal Idea

About a month ago, I received a gift from a friend.  It was a lovely rectangular notebook with a beautiful painting of flowers on the bottom half of the front cover.    As you can see from the featured picture, the upper half carried the letter “J”.   “J” means a lot to me and to my family.  My first and last name begins with “J”, my daughters’ name begins with “J” and my son’s name begins with “J”.

Some people call me “Jay” others “JJ”; some prefer to call me by my official first name “Janel”.

The point is, this note-book is special to me because, I count the giver a genuine friend and as stated before, because of the cover.   I wanted to use it for something really meaningful to me and while I received it about a month ago, more like two months ago, only one week ago, I finally knew how I wanted to put it to use.

My pretty, most valued notebook is now my health journal.  I have fought to start a healthier lifestyle, internally motivating myself to take small steps towards this goal, but it has not been easy.    I do not intend to give up however.

Two days ago, I started my health journal as a  further push to myself to go big.  I must say that it has helped me thus far.  As I embark on this journey, I am seeking to apply things that work for me and not others.   I cannot achieve the success I want by wishing I can do what others are doing.   I must find ways to meet “me” where I am at, understanding that I can only be “me”.

For me lifestyle changes has and would continue to include, better planning of my meals, healthier choices, healthier methods of preparation.

Progress thus far (note that my journey started a while back but I have just been struggling with consistency:


  • I limit “milk” in my diet – not good for my sinuses and allergies –  I do have milk now and then, maybe once every three weeks.
  • The sugar content in my juices and teas are limited and sometimes none.
  • I enjoy (not often enough) blended smoothies, one of my favourites is beet root with bananas and spices with Almond milk;  I add anything I wish to add to that, eg: carrots.
  • I seek to have a portion of vegetables everyday.
  • I use whole grain rice and not white rice.
  • I try to limit the use of other oils, sticking to “Olive Oil”

This is progress and listing them makes me feel really good.

I am currently doing a water therapy, meaning I am rehydrating myself with lots of water, more than usual, and I already feel the effects of its cool refreshing properties.

For me, constantly telling myself to keep pressing and imagining a body that is more awake and alert is my motivation.  Now that I have started the journal, I have taken it a step further.

I would share more next time.

Let this little experience inspire you to keep working towards “the start” or the “re-start”.

Remember, to live out God’s purpose, we need to feel well!


Moringa tea bags offered to the first person to subscribe!

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Below are some facts on the Moringa plant;

Moringa Diagram: Tiny leaves. Enourmous benefits.

In Grenada, where I live we also have the Moringa Tree and many have tried to be industrious with the various parts of the tree.

I am in love with the work of Eleanor Swan (featured picture) a Small Business Entrepreneur who manufactures  T-Bags from the leaves of the tree.   The name of Eleanor’s business is “Spice up your life creations”.   Love the name!

This lovely, healthy gift is available to you!!   It’s all up to you!!

Carrots and Cantaloupe are good for us

Last Tuesday I blended carrots and cantaloupe together and enjoyed a refreshing drink; no sugar added.

Why, carrots and cantaloupe?  Well, for one, they were the only available fruits in my kitchen, at the moment, and as far as I knew they were good for me.  Every now and then however, we need to refresh our knowledge of what these fruits provide, so that we can maximise on their use.  So here are a few reminders or, for some of us, this could be news.

Let’s first look at carrots.  How can they be eaten and what benefits do they have for our bodies?

  • Carrots can be eaten raw as a snack (carrot sticks), or in a vegetable salad. They can also be blended with other vegetables to make a nutritious drink (like I did).    They can be steamed with other vegetables and boiled in soups of all kinds.  I have also seen carrots used in cakes and buns.  I love grating the raw carrot and mixing it into the rice immediately after the rice has been cooked.  I am sure there are many other ways to use the carrot, maybe you would love to share.
  • Carrots are great source of fiber. They also provide vitamin A (beta-carotene), one of the B Vitamins, Biotin, Vitamin K1, Vitamin B6 and Potassium. By now you should know that fiber is very important to having a healthy bowel movement.  It also helps us to feel fuller longer and can improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels.  Vitamin A, helps us to maintain healthy vision and is important for growth and development as well as healthy immune function.  What about Biotin?  It is one of the B-vitamins and plays an important role in the metabolism of fats and proteins. The other vitamins K1 and B6 are responsible, respectively, for bone health and for converting food into energy.  As we say, last but not least, carrots also provide Potassium, an essential mineral, useful for keeping the blood pressure under control.

Let’s look at the second fruit, the Cantaloupe.   I must say, around my family, friends and associates, this fruit is not popular at all.   It is not my favorite either; I enjoy it best when it is mixed with other fruits, as in a fruit salad or blended.

The cantaloupe however, has nutrients for us as well;

  • They provide a range of antioxidants, phytonutrients and electrolytes. The word “phytonutrients” was new to me, so I had to do some further research.  phytonutrients are nutrients found in plants, in fact “Phyto” is the Greek word for “plant”.  These nutrients are really chemicals which help to protect plants from germs, fungi, bugs and other threats.  Sounds like a good pest controller to me and maybe it is the secret to the healthy skin cantaloupes enjoy.
  • Looking closer to the nutrients provided to the body, in addition to the three benefits mentioned (antioxidants, phytonutrients and electrolytes), the Cantaloupe offers much more;

It provides Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium, B vitamins such as thiamine, niacin, as well as folate.  It also provides magnesium and fiber.  I believe by now you agree that we need to eat more cantaloupe.  There is even a bonus for you; the seeds are edible, they provide omega-3, fatty acids.

I encourage you to do much more research on your own, but I do hope that this little peek into the benefits of consuming carrots and cantaloupes would inspire you to make healthier food choices.

Regular exercise in “2018”

Regular exercise for “2018” !    This statement is not a promise, or a resolution, it is simply a necessity, now, more than ever.   If I ought to continue to fulfill God’s purpose for my life, I must listen to his voice, to get up and get active.  He wants me to be healthy.

So I have made a list of to-do’s that would allow me to have a simple, do-able start, and I believe that there are others like me,  who need to become more disciplined at practicing regular exercise.  Like me, you are accustomed to exercising, but you have not been doing it for a while and you need to get back on track.  Even though, it is totally new to you, you can embrace it as a new lifestyle change.

So let’s go!  Remember we are doing it because it is a necessity.   Anything that is a necessity MUST be done, Right?

  1. Get a scale that is easy to read and is durable.  – If I have a scale, I can be aware of my weight movements.   If, I am to be responsible for my body, I should at least know what is going on with my weight.  I would love to loose a few pounds, it would certainly help me to get fit and be able to enjoy some of my favourite out-fits.
  2. Get a few outfits that would be comfortable for exercising; clothes can motivate you, choose wisely.
  3. Get me a skipping rope.    I choose a skipping rope, because I have great memories skipping as a child and I enjoy it still.  Also, if the weather does not permit me to be out-doors, I can easily pull my skipping rope and skip-idi-skip on my porch or anywhere in my house where there is sufficient space.
  4. Begin my exercise of choice and do it two times a week; my exercise of choice at this point is simple.  I will be walking home from work, twice a week to start with.   The intention is that once I start, it will be consistently two times each week.  Once I have gotten into the habit of doing it twice weekly, I can consider increasing the frequency.  The goal is to start simple and with a plan that is manageable.
  5. Resume worship dancing with my daughter, at least every other Saturday.  I love worshiping God in dance and have decided to allow my daughter to explore this side of her, she loves dance as well and needs to appreciate how her dancing can be used to share the gospel.
  6. Visit the Beach at least once a month and be sure to be involved in some form of physical activity when doing so.

That’s it for me, my plan for regular exercise in “2018” is not a “pie in the sky” , it is not fancy or expensive, neither is it done for popularity purposes.

It is about inspiring you to find a way to make exercising a part of your lifestyle.  Remember it is a necessity.  Try creating a plan that represents you and allows you to be active doing things you enjoy.

Let’s not forget our eating, we need to always strive to eat healthy.

I hope to share with you a bit of my experiences as I seek to fulfill God’s purpose in every area of my life.

Here are some simple ideas to help you create a simple plan:

  • Visit the beach more often and take a brief jog;
  • Go on family walks;
  • Work-out to suitable work-out music on you-tube right in your living room;
  • Walk home instead of driving or taking the bus;
  • Dance to your favourite songs;
  • Play outdoors with your children on week-ends;
  • Find an exercising partner at work and do some exercising before leaving the office.  In this case you would need a suitable space for this purpose and make sure your boss is fine with it;
  • If there is a pasture or playing field in your community, go jogging with your children or on your own or with a friend, at a time convenient to you;
  • And of course, if you think you are ready to commit to a gym membership, go for it.

Feel free to share with us on this blog  through the reply comment form or via my e-mail;

Hope to hear about your simple exercising plans.

My energy booster

My favourite energy drink needs to have beet in it.  Beet works magic in my life, seriously.   I become alive when there is beet, my brain functions well and I feel a lovely sense of well-being.

Today I blended another one of my beet drinks, making sure to note the ingredients used, so I can assess the finished product and try to improve.

My ingredients were:

  • 2 small to medium-sized beets
  • 2 small to medium-sized carrots
  • 1 small banana
  • 2/1/2 Cups Almond Milk
  • ½ t-spoon Almond essence
  • A pinch of grounded ginger
  • A pinch of grounded bay-leaf
  • Two t-spoons sugar (brown) or honey (my preference is usually honey)


Carrots and beets were washed, peeled and grated, the banana was sliced. They were all placed in the blender with all other ingredients, and blended; ice added.

Assessment of finished product:

First noticeable taste was the banana, carrots and milk; the beet was the after taste.  The essence was noticeable in a mild complementing way.  There was a slight taste of sugar (just right for me).  I was not satisfied however with the effect of the ginger and the bay-leaf”.   Next time, I would use nutmeg instead of bay leaf and I would increase the quantity.  Overall, the result was tasty and refreshing.

If you love your drinks loaded with sugar, then this drink is not for you.  I am usually always thinking “limited sugar”.

I have mixed beet with cucumbers and celery as well (no milk added), enjoyed that too.

Have you ever tried blending vegetables and observed how it made you feel?

For me, I am a strong believer in blended drinks that has beet; it works for me.

I urge you to drink healthier, for a healthier, more energetic you.





Guard your heart – Part 1

The heart that pumps

Science tells us that the human heart is a muscular organ about the size of a closed fist.  The heart keeps us alive by functioning like a circulatory pump, taking deoxygenated blood through our veins to our lungs, where it is filled with oxygen and pumped into our arteries.  Our arteries are then charged with the very important task of bringing the oxygenated blood to our tissues daily.

Once our heart is functioning as it is designed to function, we would enjoy good health that can be characterized (but not limited to) as follows:

  • Normal blood pressure 120/80
  • An energetic feeling
  • Healthy heart rate (70 to 80 beats per minute)
  • Even breathing, you should be breathing comfortably even if you were to start jogging.
  • The ability to remain calm in stressful situations.
  • The ability to perform physical activities
  • A steady heart beat with no murmurs.

I think it is amazing what happens in the heart daily, to ensure we stay alive.  We move about every day, running about, here, there, and everywhere and many times we do not stop to think about the condition of our hearts and keeping it healthy.

The physical heart vs. the spiritual heart (our spiritual condition determines our behavior).

Let’s get deeper, let us talk about the unseen heart that is manifested through our behaviour and attitudes; the seat of our will, motives and moral persuasions. I was motivated to get deeper after listening to a message one Sunday morning entitled “Hearts and Minds”.   I wanted to better understand the status of “the inner me”, my spiritual condition.   I felt the need to have my heart examined because I desire to have a healthy heart.

Jeremiah 17:9 says “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, who can know it?”  Do you think this is going too far, I mean, aren’t we better than that?  Well, these are words of the Almighty God so “it is what it is”, we are who we are.   I am sure, if you stop and think for a while, you would ask yourself, why is man so bent on doing what is wrong?  Why do we pursue the very same thing that can destroy us? Why do we steal from hard working men and women? Why do we frame others when we know they are innocent; why do we pretend so we could look good in the eyes of others?  I think we have enough evidence that the word of God is true.

It is important for us to admit to the true condition of our hearts, if we must grow and experience change.  I love this verse; Proverbs 4:23 – It says, “Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.” KJV or “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life” NIV.  I love this, it says so much.

Guard your heart? Should I walk around with a mini-sword hiding under my clothes to protect my heart? The word of God is speaking of taking intentional steps to keep, protect and preserve our hearts, the seat of our will, from which the issues of life emanate.  It is necessary to point out however, that we are not meant to guard our hearts on our own, we are enabled by God himself; he makes it possible.

To be continued……