Thank you for your Support in 2021

Life is different. We can support each other while being miles away and without seeing or even meeting each other face to face.

So I say thank you to those who are near and far away. I have seen you visiting from Grenada, from the wider Caribbean and as far as Africa and Asia. Thank you for your support! I appreciate you! Love always! This poster is for you!

The Love Dream Continues….

Chapter 28 – The Decision

Nicky had some chores to get done at her apartment and headed home. She planned to return to spend Saturday night with me as well. I was a bit anxious about not being able to move around freely. The bite marks were about a quarter inch deep and due to my desperation to loosen the dog’s grip the flesh was ripped creating jagged cuts on my ankle. I had no choice but to adjust to my temporary limitations. I was going to be home for the next two weeks. The good thing about me is that I was never much of a complainer and found ways to cope with challenges as they arose; I was my Father’s daughter.

Dad came up to my room with Joel at his heals. They looked quite happy to see me and after looking closely I understood why. Dad then revealed the crutches he was holding behind his back and as Joel stepped away from Dad’s shadows I saw breakfast attractively displayed on a tray. Wow, I exclaimed, someone loves me!

I felt really grateful to have caring family and friends. The support at home was always great, something many of my friends wished they had. Dad showed me how to use the crutches and notwithstanding the discomfort experienced, after about twenty minutes, I was able to move around without placing pressure on my ankle. That Saturday consisted of crutch training, reading, journaling and painting. I managed to starve my boredom after all doing things I love.

As I sat in the living room I reflected on my most recent encounters. From the accident at our front yard to the pit bull scare. I couldn’t help but see God’s protection through-out my life and especially in recent weeks. I wondered what it all meant. The phone rang intercepting my thoughts; it was Jason. We updated each other on the latest. Jason was dumbfounded after hearing my encounter with the bad dog. We ended our conversation with a prayer.

That night as I knelt alone at my bed side I prayed asking God to forgive me of my sins and to make me new. I made a decision to be a follower of Christ. I didn’t understanding everything about my decision but I was tired of searching and wanted to experience more of what I already encountered. There was no doubt in my mind about the truth of God’s existence; I had heard and seen enough. My search for something deeper was only escalating and I felt a need to yield to the tender beckoning of that sweet still voice that Jason called “the Holy Spirit”. I had no idea what I was getting into.

Chapter 29 – The Gold Chain

My life as a new believer in Jesus took off as a bullet. Through Jason and Mrs. Jefferson, the Pastor’s wife, arrangements were made for two young women to mentor me. They visited me at home for bible study sessions and life counselling. All this started when I was at home with my injured ankle. My ankle healed nicely but the at home visits continued. My Mentors were Shirley Gibson and Maria Sykes, they were both women in their early to mid-thirties. Relatable and patient; they quickly became my new friends. With both being still single, I found our girl talks to be quite engaging; it really helped me to broaden my perspective on life in general.

Days, weeks and months went by and the changes in my life were growing more and more evident and undeniable. My life was now filled with bible studies and my reading material improved; it went from mere entertaining novels to books and articles that served to enrich my mind and soul. I even took on more responsibility at home, offering to pay one of the utility bills. I grew more understanding of my siblings and my love for them abounded. At work, I felt more purposeful and began actively seeking opportunities within the Company to expand my professional knowledge and experience. When the offer to cross train came, I did not think twice. This opportunity later led to a transfer to the Marketing and Promotions Department. It was a more challenging position and I found myself exploring my creative side.

I also felt my relationships with my friends deepen. I was able to share my faith with my old school mates. Nicky, while acting a bit skeptical, would attend church with me from time to time and that was always special. I was very much aware of the mistrust and hesitancy of many when the topic of “church” or “God” would surface. Because of that awareness, I deliberately sought to learn about the Christian walk and to be as practical as I possibly could, I never wanted to be a talker with no real example to show. I wanted my friends to be drawn to me because of the changes seen in my life.

Jason Emery, the man in my dream over a year ago, grew to be a constant figure in my life. We talked daily about my progress, about our dreams and our future. One Sunday Evening he invited me to his home, it was my first time visiting his family. By then, I had met everyone in his immediate household but it was my first time in their home. We roasted sweet potatoes, breadfruit and fish; it was delicious. Added to the food and the warm company, there was a beautiful moon that shined down on us in all its glory! What a wonderful night it was!

As the evening winded to a close and Jason and I got to be alone, I turned to him and expressed from my heart, my appreciation for all he has been and done for me. From the moment we met, all I received was unquestionable love. He patiently guided me to understand God’s love and to others who can help me do the same. While we were not always in each others’ spaces, he seemed to have taken up a permanent place in my life. We grew to the point where we celebrated each other’s victories and supported each other during the down times. We grew to be great friends and I couldn’t help but be grateful to Nicky for introducing us.

After expressing my heartfelt words, Jason looked at me and smiled and uttered the most beautiful words I have ever heard. “I am confident that our meeting was not by chance, the moment I met you, It felt special and filled with promise. You stood out to me as hope, as a bright light; there was something about you that was drawing me closer. As we talked and spent more time together, I understood why; your desire to succeed and to see others succeed, the way you considered others deeply, putting off your needs to make them happy, your level of maturity and your thirst to find truth, spoke volumes. I remember praying for you and asking God to help me to show you God’s love, and He did.

Jason stood and walked towards me, “It is now over a year since we have met and I know now, more than ever that I want you to be my friend forever.” Jason’s voice began to tremble a little as we were now both standing on his Family’s porch with the moonlight glowing around us. I searched his face, reading his every expression and suddenly there was something dangling from his fingers, glittering in the moonlight with what seemed to be a white stone at the end. I gasp after realising it was a beautiful gold chain with a pendant. “Would you be willing to explore the possibility of marriage with me?” My jaw dropped after hearing the question and I froze, totally caught off guard; I was speechless.

Chapter 30 – The Future

Jason gently placed the necklace around my neck; it was beautiful! I looked up at him still speechless and after seeing his radiant smile I managed to say, “Thank you!” Everything about the necklace and the moment was perfect. Jason pulled me into his chest wrapping his arms around me. It was our first time hugging so intimately. Jason whispered in my ear. “You do not need to answer me now, take your time. “I know,” I whispered back, “You never pressured me about anything, and we have been casual friends for a while now and I respect you for that.” It is just that I was pleasantly surprised and extremely touched by your actions.

We both sat, and I explained to Jason that as a teenager growing up, I have never met a young man like him. I talked about dating two young men, one at 18 and the other at 20 and they both appeared to have no outlook neither were they interested in wholesome activities. I went on to explain that it was the norm for my friends to become sexually active after a few dates with the same person. For me I wanted more, I wanted true friendship, I wanted a commitment with someone who was focused and mature enough to establish priorities. “Jason Emery, you coming into my life was definitely God’s design, you fit the mould of what I desired then and now. I have heard your offer and I would love to explore the possibility of Marriage with you.”  I breathed a sigh of relief and we both laughed. We hugged again and as we remained entwined in each other’s arms Jason prayed and asked God to lead us and bless us with a relationship that would draw young men and women to Christ.  After praying Jason and his dad drove me home. I can see it was all planned and it all added to a wonderful evening. It was nice getting to know his dad and sharing more about myself. It was somewhere around 7:30 pm when they dropped me off. I felt like I had a lot to share with my family about my evening, but I knew the time was not right.  Maybe tomorrow, I thought.

Dad greeted us at the door and were quickly introduced to Jason’s parents who left right away. After saying good night, I retreated to my room. I felt that I needed my privacy to process everything that happened that night, to unwind. Without changing, I curled up with my pillow and prayed. “God my life feels like a roller coaster right now, so much is going on, please help me to understand how to trust you and give me peace…Amen!

As I laid on my bed, I felt the strong impressions of God’s presence telling me, “You are safe! I will never leave you!” That was enough for me. I knew at that moment that I would never have to face life’s joys, sorrows, and uncertainties on my own. That night I vowed to trust God with my future. That night I knew Jason Emery was the one for me; God’s pick for me and I submitted to God’s choice. The dream which I never shared with Jason was unfolding right before my eyes – The Love Dream!  I was beginning to understand the true meaning of Love and for some reason God chose Jason Emery to help me understand.  As I got up from my bed and prepared to shower, God’s peace overwhelmed me and I was comforted knowing that his plans for me was going to be just right.

The End.


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Relaxation should be part of daily living

Just a quick motivation today on RELAXATION! Remember to create a balance for yourself.

Work is great, it is a healthy, godly practice. Working allows you to grow in various areas. It keeps you engaged and alive. It allows you to meet others and develop relationships. Working teaches you to cope with challenges of all kinds. Yes! Working is good but relaxation is just as good or rather just as important.

I often struggle with finding that balance; even to this day. What I have found however, is bite size ways to relax while on the roller coaster.; while at work or during a work week or period when it seems impossible to dedicate significant time to relaxing activities.

Here are some ideas:

Try to take your full lunch hour break if you are working traditional 8-4 jobs or 9-5. Use this hour to take a walk, listen to relaxing music with your eyes closed or just meet up with friends or work colleagues and chat about anything else but work. Choose the lighter conversations that would help you to relax.

At the end of the day, take off your clothes and just remain in your undergarments. Lie on your bed for fifteen minutes before dressing again and getting busy with home matters.

Sit outdoors in the shade where it is windy and enjoy one of your favourite treats/snacks. I love ice cream. What do you love?

Journal – Yes pull that journal out and just pour your thoughts into the pages.

Dance/exercise – I love putting on up-beat gospel music and exercising or dancing.

Explore a hobby by browsing relevant sites on the internet. For example, I love interior decorating so I get a thrill from just looking at great modern houses with great interior designs. I love to look at vidoes of great Do-it-yourself decorative projects. It is an awesome way for me to relax and all I need is about fifteen minutes.

Call a family member and just chat.

While I know sometimes what our body really needs is a two or three week break from it all, a day at the spa or a long walk on the beach, realistically sometimes it is a bit more challenging to achieve. It would be helpful then, to consider these everyday relaxation tips as we seek to keep our mind, body and soul as healthy as we possibly can.

Guard your Marriage!

Been thinking of the beautiful gift of marriage and how much of an opportunity it gives us to learn and to grow, to dig and dig deeper, to push, overcome, discover and eventually evolve into the beautiful person God always knew we could be.

Unfortunately, sometimes we can miss out on these golden opportunities because we are not spiritually alert enough to recognise the strategies of the evil one who is working overtime to destroy anything that is good, especially godly families.

Here are some destructive darts to look out for. If you are prepared for these darts you can avoid them hitting the intended target, your family.

The Comparison Dart – The planting of a seed in your mind that your spouse is not enough. Dangerous thought to entertain and it is not truthful. In a godly marriage, your spouse is just enough. He or she is part of God’s divine plan for your life and the fact that you encounter tough times does not change that fact. The mistake we make is to focus on our circumstances and not on God’s promises, then we start slipping down a dangerous slope of doubt, complaining and comparisons.

The Negative Past Dart – This dart injects you with a poison that leads you to believe that your past would forever haunt you, that mistakes made by your parents would be your reality, that forgiven sins would hinder you from a successful marriage. Isaiah 43:18 is a real cool verse. It says, “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.” While we know our actions whether good or bad would lead to consequences, God does not expect us to seek out these consequences but rather turn away from whatever is sinful in our past and behave differently. He promises to empower us to live a new life in Christ.

Finally there is the – Lazy Prayer Life Dart – We often perform very poorly in this area; couples just don’t want to pray together. The relationship lacks spiritual insight as a result and many unnecessary arguments and disagreements can emerge all because of the lack of prayer. Our prayer life on a personal basis and jointly are often seriously lacking. No wonder our spiritual eyes grow dim at times. I am often baffled by this; why do couples do everything together but pray. This is so weird and scary at the same time. If we only understand the role and power of prayer in our marriage, we would take advantage of it. Prayer is a necessary tool and acts as a shield against darts that will be thrown at us.

Prayer makes a woman feel safe, loved and supported in her marriage. Prayer allows a man to step into his role and act as Leader and Priests of his family. Together a couple can share great intimacy in Christ, through prayer. If we could only see this and embrace prayer daily, we would experience growth in our marriage. I believe!!

My new year’s hope for you!

Happy New Year! It is by the grace of the one and only Almighty God that we have entered into 2021. I am so happy we both made it.

This is my hope for everyone!

I hope you and I remain or become discipline in setting goals and pursuing them. God created us to create, to dream and to build. Don’t let anything deter you. Nothing must stop you from achieving the goals that God has birthed in you.

I hope you and I mature to understand what true love is. It is not selfish, proud, impatient or unkind. Love is unconditional and allows us to uplift others, sharing when we have much or little. It directs us to put others’ first, to empathise, to listen, to patiently rebuke, lovingly pointing out the implications of poor quality decisions. Love does not divide but mends and unite. Keep this in mind as you relate with your family, friends and even enemies.

I hope you and I prosper financially. It is great to be independent to be able to handle your business on your own and in a timely manner. Be wise with your income, spend after thinking carefully about it. Develop a reserve or emergency fund, keep building your savings. Remember always that your finances are a blessing from God and never allow it to become an idol.

I hope our family relationships grow closer. May you seek to appreciate the family God has blessed you with, whether you see them as good or bad. May we demonstrate Christlikeness at home first before we seek to show it to others on the streets.

I hope you and I remain employed or find employment. Whether self-employment or otherwise. May we seek not to offer meagre service but rather our very best. Seek to do your best at work always even when you do not feel appreciated.

I hope you and I consistently seek to keep our mind and body healthy. Exercise is necessary for healthy experiences daily. Find a physical activity or programme that you are comfortable with but would bring you results. Never tolerate toxic thoughts about yourself or others.

Finally, I hope our pride does not hinder us from glorifying God with our lives. May we never be silent when there is a need to speak. May we never speak when there is a need to be silent. May we learn to recognise the voice of God by building intimacy with him. To be intimate with God, we must allow ourselves to find a quiet space where we can communicate with him without distractions. This begins with a relationship with God where we choose to believe what His word says about us:

that we are sinners in need of the gift of Salvation, and Jesus the Son of God died so this gift can be offered to us. We accept by simply repenting of our sins (turning away from lifestyles and behaviours that he does not approve of) and asking him to be Lord of our lives, committing ourselves to obey his teachings, seeking to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit daily.

I hope, and where there is life and a God who majors in doing the seemingly impossible, it is a worthwhile hope. Now let’s do our part to make our hopes reality, starting from this minute.

Happy New Year Everyone!

You are my inspiration! Thank you!!

I started this blog on my birthday, September 25th, 2017,  to be exact, and today five months after, I know more than ever, that I made the right decision.

I prayed about it, pondered on the idea because I never wanted to just do something because it sounded good.  I try to please God in every decision I make.   I have not done so every time, but I can say most times.

This blog gave me an opportunity to breathe, to exhale, to share things as the Holy Spirit would prompt and nudge me to.   I have been blessed by your feedback, online as well as offline, I have been truly inspired by your kind words.

Please know that I appreciate you and the fact that you are taking the time out to read what I write.   My goal is to make sure each post is sound, inspirational material that brings glory and honour to my Saviour and King, Jesus Christ.

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Once again thank you for visiting!

Happy New Year!

May the blessing of the new year rekindle the fire inside you to take action, to make your dreams a reality!  May you step out of your fears, your restrictions and your limitations and reach, reach, far beyond your wildest dreams.

May you explore the wealth of your mind, your gifts and  your heart,  as you release greatness.

May you discover your purpose, may you discover the beauty and the security of intimacy with God.

Today is a lovely day to inspire yourself!

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