Calliste Bay

I got to visit the beautiful Calliste Bay recently, after a very very long time. It is a beautiful place with enormous potential. Hope to visit again soon but this time with my swim suit.

If you do visit, please do not litter.

Beauty lies all around me – Grenada

This is a view from above the St. George’s Cemetery.
It features part of the City (St. George’s), capturing the main jetty for Cruise Liners.
This second picture captures another part of St. George’s City,
the main port for importation of goods, equipment etc. via ships & the beautiful Carenage.

Grenada’s Athletic and Cricket Stadiums and some of our lush vegetation growing in the midst of the City

I am amazed that this small island can be so captivating! It’s my home sweet home! Beautiful Grenada!

Levera, St. Patrick’s & Bathway, St. Patrick’s

Sugar Loaf Island is located adjacent to Levera Beach (aka Turtle Beach). The island is privately owned and appears to have one house located on it. Levera is in the Northern part of Grenada
Road Leading to Bathway Beach, Bathway, St. Patrick’s.
Bathway is located in the Northern part of Grenada

Whether you live on the beautiful island of Grenada or not, you are invited to visit these great locations. Plan a picnic, lie in the sun and enjoy the sea breeze, fly a kite or cook by the sea side. Visitors are welcomed!

Picture of Hog Island, one of the Islands located just off the south of the Island, Grenada.