When your dreams are fading.

What should you do when your dreams and plans seem to be fading in the distance?  It is a reality that we face as part of life’s journey.   Whether it is your educational dream, your business idea, the vision for your church or your family, or the hope of conquering a bad habit, dreams and visions are often threatened.

Here are some reality checks you can take to make sure you stay on track.

  1. Confirm within yourself that the goals you are working towards, will be beneficial to yourself and/or your loved ones and/or the world on a larger scale.
  2. Examine your current relationships to see if any of them are toxic, creating a fog between you and your dreams. People can speak defeat and hopelessness into your life and this is not conducive to success.  Associating with people who are themselves dreamless or vision-less can smother your appetite.   Be careful that you are in their lives to inspire them to pursue their purpose and make sure their lack of focus does not rub off on you.
  3. Sometimes you may feel like you cannot go on. Understand that your feelings fluctuate; it is not best to base decisions on feelings only. No matter how you feel, pursue your dreams, your goals, your purpose.
  4. Identify the obstacles in your way and design a strategy to address them. For example: If you are seeking to become qualified in a certain field and it requires time off for studying, that your employer has refused to grant.   It may require a job change, your vacation used as study time, or you may have to explore online courses or simply sacrifice some sleep. Something must be done.  Maybe your dream is for your marriage to grow, to blossom and it may need you giving up a hobby that is taking too much of your time.  This step requires honesty!
  5. Be certain that there are not persons placed in your life for a purpose, who are being looked down upon or ignored. God has unbelievable ways of providing support through people who we least expect to be there for us.  Many times, we misjudge the motives of others, even when we have no justifiable reason(s) to do so.
  6. The reason you are not making progress may be “you”. You are your greatest enemy if you are telling yourself, you cannot do it, you are too ugly, too poor, your past is too messed up, or your family would never support you.   Switch those thoughts with thoughts like; “I can do it.” “I am beautiful, unique, only me can be me”, “My failures are not excuses but rather lessons to make me better;” “My family may not support me, but God will place the right person(s) in my life, to give support where needed and He is my faithful support.”
  7. Your final check should be, if you have acknowledged that man is accountable to God, Almighty God, Creator of the universe, Creator of man. Have you admitted that you are spiritually lifeless without God? He came to give us life, not in a meager sense,  but in abundance.   Have you accepted the gift of Salvation?  “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life.”  John 3: 16.

We are made in God’s image, we are made to accomplish!  Pursue Purpose!

Loving your teens and young adults

It is a great opportunity to positively impact the lives of young people.   At the point where they are slowly growing to understand themselves and into independence, they can make the worst decisions ever.  It is an experience every adult tasted notwithstanding we all came from different family backgrounds.

One of the ways we can positively impact a young person’s life, is to sponsor their participation in a personal development programme.   It may be to play a musical instrument, or learn a foreign language, or even serve on “The Logos” or some other place where your focus is on serving others. These are practical ways of helping teens and young adults to discover their God-given purpose; the reason God created them, the reason that they are breathing.

Here are some other tips to help them find purpose in their lives:

  • Be an excellent example of time management.
  • Coach them on time management by assigning them tasks to be completed within a specific time period.
  • Recognise their efforts to improve and lovingly point out what went wrong and why, so that they can improve even more.
  • Teach them to be accountable for their actions by asking questions like; “What did you have in mind?”, “What was your intention?” “Why did you do it?”. Do not judge them by declaring to them the reasons for their actions. You can be dead wrong and it is better for them to tell you.
  • Have meaningful discussions with them linking their current actions with the future; it is important for them to understand how their actions today can affect their lives tomorrow.
  • Give them the freedom they need to mingle, to discover themselves and to discover life in a wholesome and safe way.
  • Don’t preach to them, listen before you speak and discuss and share experiences with them rather than lecture in an “I know better” mode.

The above tips would help teens and young adults to value time and seek to use it wisely.   It would also help them to develop the ability to examine their actions and decisions and to determine whether these would positively impact their lives in the future.   These tips would also increase the probability of you having great relationships with the teens and young adults in your life.


Feels like intimacy to me.

The Songs are announced one after the other, there is a flow.
I allow myself to sink into a cushion of sweetness where my
mind begins to fall victim to the power therein.
It is a familiar feeling; I have been there before.

With great anticipation, I slowly evict the thoughts in my mind
that doesn’t belong to the moment.
With great anticipation, I slowly lift my hands in
adoration to the one I love.

Before I know it, my heart is filled, my mind is saturated
with his cool presence.
With great anticipation, I open my spirit for more of his
Presence, as I long to draw closer to the one I love.

It’s that moment when I find sweet fellowship with my Saviour.
Those moments when I desire, despite my stubborn heart, more.
More of the accessible assurance and comfort of his presence;
The presence that shakes you to the core and gives you a desire
to walk away from hell, into his heavenly arms.


There is more to the clothes you wear.


Do you place more value on your clothes, when they can outlast a season, or a fashion spurt and still be worn and seen as appropriate for the day?  I am personally determined not to let fashion trends  dictate to me how often I should buy clothes.   Don’t get me wrong, I love observing fashion trends, taking note of the creativity and originality of great designers.

As a woman, I do enjoy the fun aspect of dressing;  I think it is exciting! I am also aware of the fact that maintaining my originality is also important.  It requires me therefore, to pursue balance in my choice of clothes, it is not something anyone should take for granted.   Your clothes can say a lot about you.   It can communicate to those you have never met, seen or spoken to; it can communicate who you are.

So, as we explore clothes, fashion and design, we are also exploring who we are and how we want to be represented.   What you wear can show to others, that you are comfortable in your own skin; what you wear can also show that you are unhappy, miserable or bitter inside.   It can also be you screaming desperately “I do not love or value myself”.

It is important to understand that self-love is healthy, it is important for us to accept and love ourselves. if we ought to love others. The word of God admonishes us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.  We often feel that what we wear is just that, clothes worn, not understanding that we select our clothes based on how we feel about ourselves.

On the other hand, it is not right to judge someone based on what they are wearing, remember there are cultural differences and practices that heavily influence our way of dress.  We are also on varied levels of knowledge and understanding and as we grow, we understand how to better present ourselves to the World.

I wish to inspire you to accept the value God has placed on your life; he sees you as worthy enough to die for, he died on the cross for you, so that you can have life abundantly.  It is a priceless gift that is extended to every man.   When we understand our value to God, we are transformed inside and outside.  We can do no less but to make sure when we step-out, we represent the King.   Once God’s perspective of you has captivated your heart, it shows.

Next time you go shopping for that new suit, dress or shirt, ask yourself if your choices are in keeping with your value and with your purpose.

Tips for a Successful Marriage!

  1. Avoid giving each other the silent treatment, talk about everything.
  2. Sleep on the same bed, share the same bedroom (it is your “haven” your “save me” spot where privacy should be guaranteed)
  3. Avoid doing things or habits that your husband/wife seriously dislikes.
  4. Listen when you are being spoken to, do not interrupt while your husband/wife is speaking to you because you know better or you are angry.
  5. Work out your problems privately, if you need help from an outside party, agree together who that trusted person will be.
  6. Be honest at all times to ensure trust is maintained, do not allow your husband/wife to believe something that is not true by staying silent.
  7. Go out together, get out of the house and do special things together that would build healthy memories and add colour to your lives.
  8. Forgive your husband/wife when they have done wrong.
  9. Study the word of God together; pray together.

Try these tips and watch your marriage flourish!!! 

(To be continued…..)

Feel free to share your views on the tips shared…..