The Worship Experience Part II

Worshiping God is an awesome experience.  There is the sound, there is the stillness and there is the change that you experience as a result of communing with God.  There is also a condition.

1  The Condition:

Worship requires a Worshipper, Someone who desires to be in God’s presence.   In God’s presence there is comfort, peace and joy and most importantly conviction.  As we ponder on God’s word and on his Character, he draws us into his presence, closer to his side by enlightening us, showing us the beauty of holiness.  We are made aware of our sin, of the habits and practices that are hindering us from total submission.  God’s presence makes us uncomfortable about anything that resembles darkness, anything that resembles lies.  There is no compromise to experiencing a life of worship, we must forsake all else and pursue a righteous God; that’s the condition.

1st Corinthians 3: 16 says “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?”.

The Condition for Worship is a true worshipper who is willing to deny himself from the juicy distractions of the moment just to enjoy the bliss of God’s presence.   You see there is no way you can truly experience Worship if you are determined to go against the wishes of the one who has called us to Worship; it is impossible.    The Condition is clear, if we ought to experience true worship, we ought to be separated from darkness, from sinful practices and from selfish ambitions.

James 4:8 “Draw nigh to God and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands ye sinners and purify your hearts, ye double-minded”

2  The Cry:

Man was created to worship God, he has an in-built desire to find meaning to life.   Man is created for a purpose and as we struggle to find identity and meaning we often drift away driven by our desire to explore and discover.  We fail to understand that nothing or no one else but God can fill the pot in our lives.  Only God can hear our cry.   Cry out to the Lord in his presence and let him soothe your aching heart, you famished soul, your fear and doubts, let him satisfy your quest for true fulfillment, true meaning.

Cry unto the Lord with a repented heart!  Cry unto the Lord with a thankful heart!   Cry unto the Lord with your whole being.

Psalm 61:2 “From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to that rock that is higher than I”.

Fashion Outlook

Today I visited “Fashion Outlook” and had some fun taking pictures of a few of the attractive clothing on display. Fashion Outlook is  a small boutique located Hillside Mall on Market Hill, St. George’s, Grenada.   It is small but well stocked and ready to serve you.

It is owned by Ruthlyn Forteau who is a great example of someone who believes in perseverance.   As a godly woman, Ruthlyn truly inspires you through her selections and through her customer service. I can guarantee you, you would feel like a valued customer the moment you step in.

The Boutique presents taste, variety and colour and designs that are different.

As someone who loves to design women’s clothing and as some-one who loves wearing unique and outstanding pieces, I often find myself falling in love with a dress or a skirt or a blouse or a piece of jewelry, when I walk into “Fashion Outlook”.

When it comes to fashionable earings, I love glitter, I love class.  The pair of earrings I purchased today is a very good expression of my taste.

Hope you are inspired to persevere towards your dream.

Life is a gift.

Today you are breathing, you are alive.   This is intentional, it is no mistake.  Use each second wisely and don’t think for one minute that you have nothing to offer.   God created you and that makes you special.   Embrace the truth about life, about you and about God.  Go forth, conquer your fears and accomplish your purpose.

Reading enriches the mind

I remember what it was like for me at the high school level;  I found plenty of time to read.   My favourite books were;   “The Famous Five” and  “The Secret Seven” by Enid Blyton.  Then there was “Nancy Drew” by Carolyn Keene and my favourite, “The Hardy Boys” written by Franklin W. Dixon.  I also remember a magazine called “Kiss”, strangely, I never saw that magazine after graduating from high school.  I believe that was a good thing.  “Kiss” was far from inspiring.  There was also the “MIlls and Boon” Novels that many of my class mates were reading and for some reason I felt that it would negatively influence me, so I read one or two out of curiosity and that was it.

English B (Literature) class was another of my bright spots.  Oh how I loved the books on our curriculum;  “Things Fall Apart”,  “Green Days By The River”, “Silas Marner”. “Romeo and Juliet” and others.

Looking back today, I feel thankful to God for the rich reading experience I had as a child.

Today my choice of books tend to center around deeper matters of the heart, soul and mind.   My desire to grow is pushing me to find material that would satisfy my quest.  I am also desirous of feeding my passion, whether it is for designing, decorating, health, fashion or people.

Reading the right books further awakens my interest in things I already love.  Reading the right books soothes my mind and helps me to relax.

Let me urge you to find a good book and get loss in a world of learning and discovery.  Dedicate some time weekly to reading books that would help you to discover your purpose on this earth and to live out this purpose to the fullest.



Marriage is about connection…

It is Sunday afternoon, the weather is a bit overcast.  I am sitting in my living room with my laptop on my lap thinking about marriage. The thoughts that came were quickly penned to paper, with a hope to expanding them later.

As I browsed the internet, my eyes connected with this lovely poster on Pinterest and I fell in love with it immediately; it makes practical sense.    It is never healthy for your marriage when either or both of you begin travelling in your own lanes.  It is a selfish and lonely road to travel.   As the poster says, we must find points of intersection and connection.     Marriage is all about growing together! Good stuff!   Note the hash tag on the poster. 🙂

Feel free to send your feedback on this cool poster.

Image result for marriage needs communication

Someone to be excited about……

If we are not careful, what or who excites you can control you.  This relationship between you and things or people can easily distract you from meaningful living. 

Wouldn’t it be great to be excited about God? He is certainly not a distraction.

Who is He? we can talk about him forever and ever because that’s who he is, “The Everlasting God”.

  • God is Creator of the Universe
  • God is the most powerful being in the Universe
  • God is perfect and he cannot change
  • God is faithful, he is always there to forgive and to strengthen
  • God knows and sees all things
  • God loves you even though you may not care whether he exists or not
  • God must judge sin because He is Holy.
  • God can be hurt, He can be grieved, He is a person
  • God’s directions to men and women can be found in the “Holy Bible” and his word is final



Make it happen! Drink more water!

I am positive that I am not the only person who struggles with my daily intake of water.  We all know that water is essential to our health and yet many of us do not work hard enough to get it right. If our bodies could only speak we may need to hide our faces.

Well, what about a simple strategy to help us drink enough water daily.

Get a post-it note and make  the following list;

1st glass

2nd glass

3rd glass

4th glass

5th glass

6th glass

7th glass

8th glass

Place the post-it sticker in a place where it can be easily seen.  For example if you are going to be home for the entire day, place it on your refrigerator or on your center table.   If you at work, place it on your desk calendar or next to your laptop.

Whatever you do, wherever you go, the sticker needs to be placed in a place where it can be easily seen, several times during the day.  You would need to think about it, in other words be strategic about the location you choose because this time it has to work for you.

Start off with at least one glass of water when you wake up, then begin striking off your list  every time you have a glass of water.  Your goal is to strike out the entire list by 6:00 pm.  Some persons made need to go later.

Try it for a week in the first instance and  let’s see how different your body would feel.  (Note that for some people eight glasses of water may be too much for you daily).

If you already have a strategy that is working for you, then hats off to you!

Let’s do this!

Investing in your family….

I always desired a family, it was my “little girl into teenaged years” dream.   I anticipated that one day, I would have a successful family (of course I defined success how I saw it).  Actually, I could say I bargained with God, that if I consistently acknowledged His existence and His power and if I accepted that he knew what was best for my life, He in turn would bless me with a great husband and a great family.   I kept my end of the bargain and He kept his end of the bargain; he gave me a great husband and a great family. Continue reading “Investing in your family….”

Let’s talk fashion

Our lives are filled with things to do and places to go.  Whether it is a school concert, a field trip, your work-place award dinner or church, there is always a need for you to go knocking on the doors of your clothes closet.   I think our closets will be happy if we would think a little more before we go shopping for more clothes.

Think and spend wisely.    Build a wardrobe that would give you value for money.

This is my first substantive post on fashion and I hope it inspires you to build a wardrobe that would serve you well.

Everyone should have a black skirt or pants as part of their wardrobe.   A solid black pants or skirt can go a long way.   If you have a favourite black pair of pants in your closet, like I do, you are on your way to building a practical wardrobe.

To get a simple casual look, try wearing your black bottoms with mild coloured tops along with flats or casual sandals.  To accomplish varied looks, you can wear your blouse in or out of your pants/skirt.  You can easily switch to a classy look by wearing bright coloured blouses with the same bottom, along with a pair of classy heels.  If you wish to step up even more, to a formal look, simply add a jacket.

It is important that your pants or skirt is durable; in other words it is not cheap material that would fade after a few spins in the washing machine.  Learning how to identify durable material from non-durable is a learning process.   Having knowledge of reliable clothes’ brands can also make a difference.    It is important that you feel satisfied that you have spent every dollar wisely.   Don’t be attracted to the bling and the glitter or what everyone is wearing; think quality, think class. Do your research on brands and various fabrics.

1 black pants or skirt, two blouses and one jacket can give you up to six different looks, can you figure them out?

By the way my favourite piece seen in these pics is the peach-orange blouse, purchased from “Fashions Outlook” located in the small mall on Market Hill, St. George, Grenada.  Check them out soon.